With Directory WordPress theme, everything is manageable. The theme provides the facility to send emails and notifications. There are pre-built templates for these notifications. The content of these notification is already drafted and is sent along with an intuitive title. But if you wish to change it, you can edit message templates.

How to edit message templates?

To edit the email templates can be edited by navigating to the Dashboard >> Tevolution >> Settings >> Email settings and notifications >> Emails.From here, you can set the message text according to the necessity of your website.



The notification messages can be changed by Dashboard >> Tevolution >> Settings >> Email settings and notifications >> notifications. This section will let you edit the templates for general notifications about some actions performed on the website.


These templates use the short codes for dynamic fields

The static fields of the emails can be set by text. For the variable fields like the username, website name, email address of the user, etc the short codes are used. These fields are different for each scenario. Refer this document for a detailed information on this section.


Directory theme can be used to create a website for different concepts. Besides, many additional functionalities can be integrated using the add-ons and plugins. Suppose, with the email notification for a registered user, you want to give him a brief description regarding the features of your website. For this, you can easily edit the message from the back end.

Or, if your website has a new payment package. Then along with the expiry notification message, you would like to inform the listing owner that he can now upgrade his subscription to a new package. Therefore, you can edit the content of the email templates and use it for your purpose.