All the transactions on the Directory website can be sorted and searched very easily. Refer this document to see how the search works for Transactions on your site.

With these search facilities, desired, accurate and filtered results of transactions can be prepared. To add to the facilities, Directory allows its users to export the results to CSV files.

Why would you export transactions to .CSV?

  • To maintain records. A form of backup.
  • To create reports.
  • Easier sorting, searching
  • Easy to evaluate, interpret and assess
  • It’s Compact. Store large amount of data in minimal space

It’s easy

The facility of exporting transaction to CSV files is inbuilt in Tevolution. There’s a button in the transaction tab that will let you export the data, simply at a click.

export transactions


Suppose, you are running a big website with great conversions. Now, you need to make a report of the transactions that are dated between 25-04-2016 and 29-04-2016. These are the days where you implemented a great marketing strategy so you want to evaluate the sales pattern on these days.

So you can use the search transactions form and search for the transactions between the dates. Export them to CSV to mail your marketing manager, and have a copy of report for yourself.