This widget works best in the sidebar regions. The Facebook Like box will present an attractive box with the configured Facebook page and show the visitor a view of the Facebook post. The visitor who is logged in to his Facebook can directly like the page on the Facebook with the help of the Facebook Like box.  If he is not logged in he’ll be asked to login first.

Key features of the Facebook Like box widget

  • Allows the users to directly like the page
  • Shows a stream of latest Facebook post on the website
  • Attractive presentation

How to configure this widget?

Facebook Page Full URL – The URL of the Facebook account page. This is the most important field of the widget.

Width – Set the width of the Facebook box.

Show Faces – With this you can enable or disable the “Be the first  of your friends to like this” section will not be shown.

Show Stream – To enable or disable the stream of Facebook posts in the like box.

This will connect the Facebook account with your website. The casual visitors can get the information and view your site’s post on Facebook. The widget is best suited in the sidebar areas and as the width is adjustable, the widget can perform well in almost any widget area.