What are the related listings?

The related listings will be shown on the detail page of the listings. These will be the listings that the user would like to visit based on the current listings. While visiting  websites you might have seen some items under the title as “You may also like”, “People who search for xyz product also look for..” . The results under these phrases are the related items. They are decided on the basis of the properties of current product.

The Directory theme allows you to choose the base to identifying related listings for a particular listings. You can select filter for specifying the related listings for a listing.

Filter related listings by category

It will display listing similar to the selected one. If we choose to filter related listings by category, the related listings displayed on the detail page will be of similar category. This means, that the related listings displayed will belong to the same category to which the current listing belongs.

Filter related listings by tags

This will provide more streamlined results. The related listing will be those who has similar tags as those of the current listing. This is the recommended option as it will display the more accurate related listings.

How to manage this setting

To manage this settings navigate to Tevolution >> Settings >> Detail page. Make the selection for filtering the related listings by categories or tags.


By this option you can make the user available with the other options without navigating to the category page. Consider a user who is on a listing website and looking for an Italian restaurant. By properly using this feature, he can be provided with options similar to his search. This makes his search faster and experience with the site, better. He can now find what he wants without having to navigating to the category page again and again.