The Directory WordPress theme, lets us create price package as a provision to manage the monetization schemes for the users. The users can select from these packages, according to their needs. But, what if you want your users to submit their listings without paying anything? For this you can create a “Free Price package”. So, while submitting their listings when the users are asked to select the payment packages, they can select the free one.

How to create a Free price package

To create a free price package, just enter 0 as price. Also, set a name for the package that suggests that the package is free.

free price package

On selecting this price package, the user won’t be asked to proceed for payment and will be allowed to directly submit his listing on the site.

Uses of Free Price Package

The free payment package allowing the users to submit their listings without paying anything can also be a great help to the websites that focus on content and want more and more new listings for their website.

There are certain websites that depend solely on advertising to earn revenue. In this case, more listings will fetch more audience and therefore they’ll allow free packages so that the users submit their listings freely.

This can be used at the initial stage of developing your directory website when you want more and more users to contribute to the content of your website by submitting their listings. This initial free user-submitted listings, will work as an initiation for the content-base of the website.

Once you realize that your website has reached to a point where you can start monetizing it. You can delete this package or reconfigure it in order to charge the users for their submission.

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