The widget area All pages – above content widget area will appear beneath the header but above the main content area of all pages. You can use this area for a static message or to display vital image/information. Being located, right beneath the header, it will surely catch the user attention. So in case you have something important to display or inform the users about, you can use this full width content area.

The full width content area

The content placed in this widget area will appear on every page of the website below the slider. The following are the most basic criteria where you can use this widget.

Can be used for providing important links

The widget can be used to provide links to important content. The content that needs user attention is to be placed over here.

For full width static content

Sometimes you may have some very important static content that needs user attention. The content when placed above the main content area will continue to gain attention of the users on every page they navigate. The repetitive appearance has the persuasive power and that can be availed from here.

For placing text notices

The text notices about the changes in the policies or the content of website, announcement about the launch of new products, Discount offers or sales can be placed here so that the users know about it.

Use is a law related website that contains all the information related to the lawyers and law. There are some important links with icons of related websites that are placed below the slider. These content is available below the slider on all the pages so the affiliate websites can be accessed by the visitors on every page.