The header widget area lets you add the widget in the header area of the website. This is the area is below the main navigation area and above the main menu strip. Basically the section right side beside the logo.

The widget can accommodate most of the widgets but the best suited widget for this area is the search widget that will let the users coming to your site search for the content they are looking for.

header widget area.jpg

When you install the sample data and populate your Directory WordPress site with dummy content. By default, the header widget will come with an Instant search widget. However you can change this widget.

How to add widgets to the Header widget area?

Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets >> and expand the widget area header. Drag and drop the widget you want to this area. And save the widget setting.
Following these steps will add the widget to the widget area.

This widget area can also be used to display advertisements in the header using the text widget. You can also add social network icons to this section for getting them noticed by the users.


Suppose you are running an Events website and there’s a client of yours that want their advertisement featured on the header. You can always charge more for the header as it is the first thing the users will notice when they visit your website. So, if your clients request you to display their advertisement in the header you can use a text widget to put the advertisement code and display it in the header very easily.