The detail page of the listing on the Directory WordPress website shows a hit counter of how many times a listing is visited. This will show the total time the listing is visited. The first number shows the total number of times the listing is visited from the date of it’s publication till now, while the other shows the number of time the listing is visited on that particular day.

Advantages of hit counter

The hit counter will make you aware of the popularity and the traffic each listing brings. The listing owner can also estimate the popularity of their listing with the help of the counter. The casual visitors will come to know how much the listing is being viewed. Therefore, the counter has it’s own benefits to offer to everyone.

hit counter

To remove the hit counter from detail page

However, due to any reason if you want to make the counter disappear from the detail page you can do it by following the simple steps.

Navigate to the Dashoard >> Appearance >> Custom CSS Editor and paste the following code into it.

.directory-single-page .view_counter p, .event-single-page .view_counter p {

This will remove the hit counter from the detail page.


As an admin you can monitor how many times a listing is visited. This can give you a brief idea about the likes and dislikes of the traffic on your website. Suppose, you are running an website where you allow submission all the listings related to the educational institutes. With the help of hit counters, you can track what the users are viewing more. So, you realize that on your website, more colleges are viewed and listing related to coaching classes are viewed less. With this, you can draw useful conclusions and work in the direction to encourage traffic on your website.