This is a very essential post with which you can display a list or grid of posts of a specific post type, on the home page. The homepage display posts widget is generally placed on the homepage main content area.  It shows a preview of the posts clicking which will lead to the post detail page.



Configuring the homepage display post widget

Title: Let’s you set a title to for the widget.

View all text: you will specify

View all: Set the link to the page where users will be navigated to, on clicking the view all link.

Number of Posts: The number of posts that will be displayed by the widget.

View: Here you can set how the posts are displayed. In a grid or by list.

Post type: This drop-down will show all the post types used in the website. The posts of the selected post type will be displayed by the widget.

Categories: This list box will show all the categories of the selected post type. You can select one or multiple category from this.

Sorting options: Through this you can select sorting options. The available sorting options are Alphabetical, Random, Published Date, Higher paid first, Only featured, Featured first, Reviews/comments.


Suppose you have a Directory website that has many post types. It would be very nice to display posts