The Homepage map Single city widget

This map can be placed at the homepage banner area. It will show a single city map indicating all the listings on the website using the map markers in the selected city. It not just gives the website pleasant look but also makes it more intuitive.
This widget can be placed in the homepage banner of the main content area. When placed in the homepage banner area(like in demo), this map appears right after the header. Therefore it is one of the firsts things the user will notice on coming to your site. It will give your users a brief idea about the number of listings on the site and their locations.

With this widget you can adjust the height of the map. The width is auto-adjusted. Another thing you can manage with this widget is to enable or disable the clustering of map markers.

How to configure?

The homepage single city map can be configured by placing it directly in the banner area or any other full width content area. If you want to set the height you can set it from the Appearance >> widget >> Homepage banner >> Homepage map – single city.

From here you can also enable or disable clustering of the map markers in the map.