The Directory WordPress theme from Templatic, gives it’s users the liberty to add as many as custom fields for their post types. These input field types indicate what kind of data the custom field allows the users to input.
So when you create a new custom field, you can select the input type that best suits the value of the custom field.

The input field types provided by the theme

These are the default field types which are provided by the theme.
Text: This allows simple one-line text input field.

Text-area : This is for multi-line text input.

Text-editor : A multi-line text-box with editing options.

Date picker : This shows a calendar from which date can be selected.

File uploader : For a file upload option that allows the user to browser to search for a file on the local disk and upload it to the website.

Geo Map : For inserting maps.

Multi checkbox : To allow multiple selection.

Radio : To allow the user single selection from multiple items.

multi image uploader : To allow the user to submit multiple images.


Suppose you are creating a custom submission form for a custom created post type. For this, the custom fields you will need to define specific input field types. Example: You are creating a submission form for collages in the city. You can create a custom field called “No of students” and keep a radio select for the options “Less than 1000” “More than 1000 but less than 5000”, “More than 5000 but less than 10000”, “More than 10000” .

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