By using the Instant Search Widget the visitor of the website can be enabled to perform the instant search. This search widget will allow the visitors to enter the keywords and on pressing the search button they will be provided with the results. The results will be based on the search words entered.

The search function is a very basic function for any website, but that doesn’t make it any less important. The quality of search results has a great impact on the user activity of the website. If a user uses the search and do not find the relevant content, he may end up thinking that the website do not have what he needs. Therefore, accurate and easy search facility in the Directory theme can be induced using the Instant search widget.

Configuring the instant search widget

The instant search widget can be configured as follows:

Title : To set a title for the search box.

Select Post type : All the post types are listed over here. Multiple post types can be selected. The search will be performed in the selected post type.

Enable Search from : The fields can be selected on which the search will be enabled.

Search with exact match conditions? : Checking this will enable the search with the exact match only.

Search from current city : This will enable the search in the current city only.

When the users are sure of what they want, why should they waste time with other things. Let them enter the keywords of what they have in their minds and provide them with the results related to their search. Traversing through the listings or to view all the listings on the category page will seem tiresome to the users when they have something in mind but couldn’t find it instantly. So, use this widget and allow your viewers to get what they’re looking for instantly.


A user comes searching for the website for a particular listing. He wants to search for the listing related to the particular hotel. Instead of performing a search in the related categories he can directly enter the hotel name to get the relevant results. This way he can access the required data instantly and effectively. He won’t have to go through a number of listing excerpts to find the listing he wants.

Consider a website for the listings of hospitals in the state Gujarat, India. The user wants to specifically know about the Apple multi specialty hospital. Then why should we make him search the categories and random listings. He can directly enter the keywords “Apple hospital” into the search box and get the desired results.