Transactions are the most important things for a website. As an admin of a directory website, you should always pay attention to the transaction and their status. With the latest transactions you can decide if the website you own is converting adequately.

Importance of “Latest transactions” on the dashboard

Transactions on your website, are undoubtedly the first thing you would like to know about, when you login to your admin dashboard. For this purpose, Templatic’s Directory theme comes with a dashboard widget that shows the latest transactions right on the dashboard.

How to enable?

If you don’t see “latest transaction” appear on the dashboard, click on the Screen options on the upper right corner of the dashboard and check the latest transaction report. This will make the widget appear on the dashboard.

latest transactions


As an admin, as soon as you login, this widget will show the latest transactions. This means that you won’t require to navigate to the transaction page just to have a look at your transactions.