The content placed in this widget area will appear along side the main content area of the Listing Detail page. The Listing Detail page will contain the information about the listings and will be available to the users who are looking for the listing related information on your website. The sidebar can contain the information about the listing owner, and some secondary navigational links.

Any of the sidebar widget can be placed in the listing detail page sidebar:

  • Categories
  • Pages
  • T – Recent comments
  • T – Advanced search
  • T – browse by category,tags
  • T- flickr photos
  • T – in the neighborhood
  • T – Instant search
  • T – Listing owner
  • T – Popular post
  • T – Login box
  • T- search by miles
  • T – recent reviews
  • T – Testimonials
  • T – Social media
  • T – Twitter feed.