The Directory theme allows you to eliminate the multiple cities option and create a local guide. When you do not need multiple countries and states and want to create a Directory for a single city, the additional functionalities can be deactivated to improve the performance and avoid the confusions.

How to enable the single city mode for creating a local guide

The location manager plugin in the Directory theme enables the multi-city functionality. Therefore to activate the single city functionality, all you need to do is to disable the location manager plugin. Navigate to the Dashboard >> Plugins >> Installed Plugins and deactivate the location manager and the single city mode is enabled.

The single city mode will stop showing the city selector drop-down on the top of the homepage. With this the multiple preloaded Countries and States will be removed and you will be able to make a single city guide.

Advantages of the single city mode

It is recommended that when you do not need multiple cities feature and want to create a directory with local listings only, deactivate the Location Manager plugin. This will improve the performance of the website.Confusion among the visitors will be eliminated. The submissions will be faster. The URL will be shorter. And the overall user experience will be enhanced.

The map widgets

There are two variants of the map widgets, Example : homepage map – single city and the homepage map – multicity. When you website is running with the Location Manager plugin activated, the map widgets available are the multi-city widgets. When you deactivate the plugin, the map widgets available will be the single city map widgets.


Suppose, Mr. Maxwell wants to start a local guide for business of his city. He wants to use the .po files and create a translated website for his local people. He do not need to have the multiple countries and states for the website. By deactivating the Location Manager plugin he can make a local Directory. Therefore he can make a faster, speedier and an efficient website where the local people can find the local businesses without involvement of any complication and confusion.