The login box widget has two views

  • A view shown to the casual visitors
  • The visitor who isn’t logged in will be shown a login box through which he can login. Entering the Username and password will take him to his account dashboard.
  • The widget presents a pre-prepared login box that can be placed anywhere on the pages just by drag and drop.

    With the login box, you can also have registration link. In case the user is not a registered user, he can click on the link and register with the website.

    A view shown to the logged in users

    in box widgetgol

    After the login, the users will be shown their account options in the place of login box. These options include the following:

    header widget area

    Dashboard: The user dashboard for his account management.

    Edit profile: The edit profile page will allow the user to change or update their profile information.

    Change password: To change the password for your account login.

    Logout : Lets the user logout from their account.

    The login box acts as a shortcut to the users. Login box in sidebar areas can enable the user login from wherever they are.
    Mostly, we see the login link in the header menu. Clicking on this link takes the user to the login page. The login box right on the sidebar will eliminate the user efforts and enhance the user experience.

    Use of the login box widget

    With the loginbox the logged in user will get the links to perform various account actions while the logged out user will be allowed to login by entering the username and the password.