Navigation facility of a website plays a very important role to determine if the content of the website reaches the searchers. The more the navigation facilities, more and more data will be accessible to the users. With the Directory theme you can manage breadcrumbs.

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcumbs are a way of navigation that show the user location before the content of the webpage in a single line. The breadcrumb gives the user an idea about the path that they have followed to reach the page they are seeing. They are beneficial to provide easy navigation to the visitors among various categories and grouping.

The Directory theme has its content organized in a hierarchical manner. Any listing posted in the website fall under some specific category, and under a specific city. Therefore breadcrumb navigation is very beneficial for a Directory website. They have proven to provide the user a better navigation and classification based on the grouping and  categories.

How to manage breadcrumbs on a website?

Appearance >> Theme Settings >> General Settings. From here you can enable or disable the breadcrumbs. By default the breadcrumbs will be enabled, disabling it will stop showing the breadcrumbs on the webpages.