The registration form of the directory website is totally customizable. In any registration form, there are some mandatory fields. If you too want to set few fields as mandatory registration form fields, you can do it very easily.

Requirement of the mandatory registration form fields

The compulsory fields are those that are very basic for granting the account to the users on our website. Some fields are mandatory because they are necessary to prove the identity of the user. The significant details that you want from the users to grant the privilege to post on your website should be set as the compulsory fields in the registration form.

How to set the fields as mandatory fields for registration

To set a field as a compulsory field for registration, navigate to Dashboard >> Tevolution >> Custom fields >> User Profile Fields >> Click on the name of the custom field you want to make compulsory and start editing it. The edit user custom meta will show the option compulsory. You can check it if you want to make the field compulsory.




For instance, you are running an Events website. You allow users to register, pay and post their events directly on the website. For any future requirements you need to get the phone number of the listing owner. So that you can contact them easily when the need arises. For this you will need to make “phone number” a mandatory registration form field.