The directory theme integrates google map functionality into the website. To display the listings on the website map markers are used

Choose the map marker based on the listing category

You can set the map marker based on the category of the listings Click here to download the set of map markers for free. Different map markers can be used to display the different listings posted in different categories.

How to set the map markers based on the category

Navigate to Dashboard >> Listings >> Listing Categories >> Select the category you want to set the map marker for, and click edit. From here you can upload a new marker for the category.

map markers

Press the Browse button and upload the map icon to the images folder and it will appear as the map marker for the category on the map.

How are they beneficial

The custom map markers are available for free. You can even create and add your own custom map marker. This makes the map more intuitive and the visitors get a clear understanding of what a listing on the map is about.

map markers


Suppose, is a detailed website for the listings of the Manama city, Bahrain. It contains all the listings in categories of schools, restaurants, Hospitals, Shopping mall, etc. of the city. The local guide can have different map markers for the different categories. With this, the users will get to know that a listing belongs to a certain category.