The menus of a website play a very important role in deciding its success and usability. The directory theme comes with two navigational menus. One above the header, right at the top of the page and another after the logo.
The main benefit of the navigational menus is that it exposes the functionalities and the pages of the website. A casual visitor won’t himself know where to go if he wants to send an inquiry message or which page contains the information about the company.
therefore all this pages should have their links in form of menu items. The menu allows the user to choose where they want to go and what they want to do.
The menus of the website can be managed or edited, if you wish you can create and update the menu.

How to manage menus?

To manage the menus, navigate to Appearance >> Menus.
Select the menu you want to edit from the dropdown against “Select a menu to edit” and start editing the menu.
You can add the menu item and remove it as per your convenience


A visitor coming to your site won’t be totally aware of what your site has to offer. An intuitive and clearly described menu will allow him to choose from the options.
Directory theme comes with a sticky header and mega menu support too.