The newsletter widget allows the interested people to sign up for your newsletter. The widget can be placed in main content, sidebars or the footer area.
Newsletter is published and distributed to the subscribers’ in a timely manner and is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscriber.
With the newsletter facility, the users will sign up for getting e-mails updates for the happening on your website. The visitors who wants to get the e-mails for the latest news about your website can leave their names and e-mail address here and confirm that they are interested to recieve the e-mails.
With this automated newsletter widget, you won’t need to manually create a “signup for newsletter form”.
A newsletter is a very good way to stay in touch woth your customers and make them more aware of your business and events.

Why to send the newsletter?

You can make your visitors sign up for the newsletter to keep them people updated for recent news, events or announcement of new posts or listings.

newsletter facility
There’s a very less probability that the users come to your site just to check the recent news every now and then. So, you can send newsletter to those who leave their name and e-mail address.
To make sure that the latest news reach the targeted users.

How to configure the widget?

You can set the title and tagline to explain what describe what you will provide through newsletter. The widget lets you select the newsletter provider. You can select from MailChimp, FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, and Aweber. Finally, you’ll have to enter your id number for the Newsletter provider.


Suppose a user wants to know every time you launch a new product. Newsletter is a best way to deliver this news to the subscribers. So when you launch a new product or update your website with new content you can sent an email to all your customers. This will encourage them to visit your website and view your product.