The pinpoint functionality of the Directory category page will allow a user to click a button and get the map focused to the desired listing. The pinpoint function is explained in this document.

Along with turning on the pinpoint at Tevolution >> Settings>> Category Page, you can also select the pinpoint activation method. By turning on the Pinpoint functionality, the users will be shown a pinpoint button on the category page or selection page. With the pinpoint activation method selection, you can define when and how the pinpoint button will take action.

Two pinpoint activation methods available

  • Mouse hover
  • Click

When mouse hover pinpoint activation method is selected on hover of pinpoint button, map popup will be opened. “Mouse hover” option will not work if you have enabled the  “Show map view in category pages” option. On the click method the pinpoint activation will run on the pinpoint button click.

You can choose any one of  the two options based on your  requirement and the need of your site’s audience.