While viewing a listing, the visitors may like to know where on the map the listing is. On the category page, when the users are viewing the lists of posts, they can use the pinpoint functionality to directly see the location of the listing on the map.

While on category or search pages click on the pinpoint button next to a listing to quickly focus the map on that particular listing. The pinpoint is performed instantly. There will be no waiting time and the focus in the map will be the map marker of the listing.

Turn on the Pinpoint functionality

You can enable it from Tevolution >> Settings>> Category Page >> and Pinpoint activation.

For the pinpoint functionality to work you will need to place the  T – Category Page Map widget in the Listing Category pages – Below Header widget area. The listing will be pinpointed on this map. So, when you click on the Pinpoint link it will open map marker of that particular listing on map on category page map.

The pinpoint functionality can work in two conditions : On click and on hover. The On click option will require you to click on the pinpoint link to show the map, and the Hover option will show the map on the category page directly when the mouse is hovered over it.


Consider a website where the listings are for the hospitals in an area. A user is viewing a category page of the local clinics, and gets multiple results of the common clinics. Now if the user wishes to decide which will be the most convenient option for him he can directly view it on the map. This will improve the user experience as the users will be satisfied by the quality of instant and accurate results they get.