This widget will display the most popular posts of the website. This widget can be used to highlight your popular posts on the home page. The popularity will be decided based on the total/daily visits and comments.
Although it works best in the sidebar areas, it can be used in the main content area too. In our directory demo we have placed the T  Popular posts.

Setting up the popular posts widget

popular posts

Title: You can set the title to appear above the popular posts of the website.
Select Post Type: Here, you have to select the post type of which the popular posts will be displayed.
Total number of posts : The number of posts to be displayed by the widget.
Shows post as per view counting/comments: Here you can select the criteria based on which the popularity of posts will be determined.
Total views : based on the total number of views of the posts.
Daily views: based on the per day views of the post
Comments: based on the recent comments.
Pagination after: Selecting before post will display view more before the posts while selecting after post will display the posts first and a view more link after it.


The popular post, gaining more attention from the users, obviously has more engaging content. It also shows what listings are trending on your website and what are the people more fond of.