The Directory website enables you to create as many payment packages you want. It also allows you to create unique post type specific packages for each post type. This means different price packages for the users, for the different post type.

How to create the post type specific packages

To create a package for a post type, you just have to select a single post type and let the others remain unselected while creating a package.

post type specific packages

The package shown in the image, “Super listings” is specifically for the post type Listings. As only listings is selected for the post type field, the package will be dedicated to the listing submissions only. It won’t be shown to the users who tries to submit blog.

The users who subscribes the “Super listings” package will allowed to only submit listings with it. If he desires to submit posts(blogs) he can subscribe a new package or upgrade his subscription to another package that allows him to post blogs too.

Be careful, to name and add description regarding the package so that the users that subscribe it are aware that the package will restrict their submission to a specific post type.


Consider a directory website with numerous post types like listings, jobs, events, posts, etc. You may realize that you want to charge users according to the post type they select for their submission. Here, the post type specific packages will be of great help. It will enable you to create different packages for different post type. A user who wishes to submit in more than one post type can simply subscribe for two packages for the two post types.