This makes it possible for the listing owners to preview the listings before they actually submit it. The previewed version will display the listing just like an already published listing.

Benefits of previewed listings

The listing owners can see how the listing will look after it is published. This way they can review the details properly and find out if something is missing or some error is there. The previewed listing will show them how their listing will appear to the end user, therefore they can see it and update it if they have some better ideas.

How can they preview listings

The users can preview the listings when they have submitted all the necessary details about the listing. Before they publish it, a button for preview is shown so that they can make sure that the post is ready to be published. The preview will appear as a pop-up and will show every detailed they have entered till now.

When the listing is previewed and the desired changes are made, they can press the continue button to proceed for submission.


A listing owner is done with posting the details for a listing, before submitting the listings he previews it. The preview will show him how exactly the users will be seeing the listing. This gives him ideas about improvement in the listing, to make it better for user understanding. He may also find here some mistakes that should be corrected before submission. Therefore, before submitting the listing, he can find and refine his submission.