Recurring payment feature of the Templatic’s Directory WordPress theme is a unique feature that enhances the monetization functions of the Theme. The admin can set the option to allow recurring payments for the price packages. This means, that the price package that is enabled with recurring payment option, will get automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period.

The users can choose the package with recurring payments, if they don’t wish to repeat the payment process every time and  want to allow auto-renewed subscription at the end of the subscription period .

Recurring payments

The recurring payment option enables, allows charging your clients at the regular interval automatically! Apart from this, the user’s can unsubscribe the package anytime they wish.

recurring payments


When you set a payment package as  a recurring payment package, you can decide the billing period as well as the number of times the users’ will be billed automatically.

As seen in the figure, recurring payment only works with PayPal, InspireCommerce, Braintree and Stripe payment gateways. You can download and install these plugins from the Templatic website.

The main purpose/use of the recurring payment is when the users don’t want to worry about the validity of their subscription, and repeat the payment process every-time the subscription period gets over. This feature keeps the user account active for a fixed period of time, without bothering him to perform the registration and subscription process everytime.

Practical Example

Suppose you have user who is willing to keep themselves subscribed on your website for a prolonged period of time. In this case, he can purchase the package with recurring payments so that his subscription gets automatically renewed everytime at the end of his subscription period.

This will let us have customers associated with us for a long time and allow the users the ease of subscription and hassle free renovation of his membership.