Directory theme simplifies things for its users. The theme is designed provide utmost flexibility to the admin of the site to add or remove the features. Login and registration forms are one of the most important features for a business directory which allows the users to post their listings. These login and registration facilities in the Directory theme are available as short codes that can be placed on any page to include the registration form or the login form to the users.

Login shortcode


Register shortcode


How to insert the shortcodes into the pages?

The registration short code is used to embed the registration form in the webpage. The registration short code can also be inserted into any page to avail the registration form. If you wish to insert the login or registration short code into a widget area, you can do it by inserting the short code in a text widget and placing it in the required area.

What is the advantage?

Sometimes, by the calculations based on the visitor’s behavior, you may realize that it is beneficial to place the registration or login form here so that the users can access it directly. So with the shortcodes this is made possible.


Let’s understand this with an example.

There is a Directory website that sells products online. There is a scheme page, which describes the schemes, deals, offers and benefits the site provides. By studying the user behavior the owners realize that the page has content that brings more conversions. It will be beneficial to provide the users a registration form on the same page so that the convinced users won’t have to bother to search and navigate to the registration page. So with the Directory theme and available registration short code, it takes just a minute to do this.