The Comments section of a web-page is a section that gains more user attention than any other part. People are always eager to know what the other users have to say about a listing or a product.

Considering the importance of Reviews and Ratings, Directory theme allows full control to manage and maintain the reviews and ratings section. People tend to make decision regarding a product based on what the other people have said about it. It also gives us an idea about what people are thinking regarding the listing. It lets the potential customer evaluate the product before buying it.

The reviews has its own ways to influence the customers’ thoughts about the product.

Benefits for Consumers:

Online reviews give ordinary consumers a voice and are important since a customer can’t go into a physical store to ask questions or test out the product.  Reviews help to reduce this gap between consumers and merchants. The customers can now leave their views regarding the products. A happy customer will leave good comments that can encourage the other viewers, sometimes they may also recommend the products to the other users with their comments.

Benefits for SEO:

Ratings and reviews also enhance your search engine optimization efforts. Some valuable features of online reviews are that they provide your website with a large volume of unique and constantly updated content that is full of relevant keywords. These factors work to increase the seller’s relevancy, figure prominently into ranking statistics, and translate to better website performance.

Reviews and Ratings


Ratings are the easiest way for the users to find out the quality of a product or to rate the quality. This can be enabled or disabled based on the requirements

An additional section gets added to the Review section which lets the customers to rate the product out of 5.


Your consumers now have the ability to share their experiences and opinions with their online sources, in a way that is extremely influential and powerful.  Online ratings and reviews give customers a voice, increase consumer confidence, enhance product visibility, and can eventually lead to better conversion rates.

Example : A visitor comes to your site, reviews and rates a listing. If he leaves a positive review for a listing, it will draw attention of other visitors. On the contrary, if the user leave a negative review, that will also help you improve the content of your site and learn what the users like and dislikes. Some visitors will only prefer the products that has above average ratings. Basically, reviews and ratings leave an impact on the other visitors mind and also helps the listing owners evaluate their content.