A directory website can have a very large amount of data and lots of transactions per day. It would be a very difficult to search transactions to find one that you need. To ease this, directory WordPress Theme offers an advanced search feature for searching through the transactions.

Options to search through the transactions

The image shows the search criteria you can specify through this feature.

search transactions

Search by transaction ID

It allows you to search directly through the transaction Id. If you don’t have the transaction Id,  you can enter the details in other fields to get target specific search results.

Search by Post type

As the name suggests, this allows searching the transactions based on the type of post. Example: listing, post, events, etc.

Search by payment type

This option allows you to choose the payment type.This will show PayPal, Pre-bank transfer method and any other payment gateways that have been installed and activated on the website. In short, any method through which payment is accepted on your site.

Package type

This displays transactions that are associated with a specific package. The drop-down shows all the price packages that the website offers.

Name/E-mail address

If you want to know all the transactions performed by a specific person, you can use this field to get the results. Manually enter the user name or the email address of the customer will fetch you all the transactions on that name.

Search by date

The search by date field helps you to gets transactions filtered by dates. You have to specify a start date and an end date, and press search. This will display all the transactions that occurred during the specified time period. This feature is extremely beneficial as it helps generate the periodic reports.


Suppose you are owner of a vast Directory website that has hundereds of transactions per day. Now, you want to evaluate the sales pattern of last two weeks. All you have to do is to conduct search results by entering start date and end date for both the weeks.

Directory also let’s you generate a CSV copy of your search results. This way, tracking, managing and comparing your transaction become very easy through the directory platform.