The Directory WordPress theme allows you to select the default location focus for your website. You can choose what range the user coming to the site can see by default.

How to set the Location focus?

This can be managed from Tevolution >>  Manage Locations >> Locations >> Homepage displays. There are three options available for this :

Default city : This will show the listings of the default city selected by you to your users. You can set the default city by navigating to Tevolution >>  Manage Locations >> Cities >> hovering over the city name and selecting the “Set Default”.

Ask to show nearest city : Asks visitors to share their location and if they agree, they are shown their nearest city. If visitor doesnt share location, listings from the default city will be displayed.

Nearest city : Show listings from the city nearest to the visitors without asking to share their location. Note: Your cities must have atleast one listing added to get tracked as nearest city in front end.


You have a global directory for the Oil plants of a particular company across the world. The company basically belongs to Abu Dhabi and most of its plants are situated there. So you can set the location focus for the default city Abu Dhabi, as majority of listings are in that area.