The detail page of a listing or event in the Directory theme contains all the details about the selected post. Along with it there are a number of buttons available to manage inquiries and send the listing information to a friend

send to friend

The link will be sent to the friend through an email.

Benefit for the users

While searching the internet if your visitors stumble upon your listing. If they like it and want to recommend their friends about it, the website lets them do so directly with the help of a very simple form.

Benefit for the site owner/ listing owner

Allowing the visitors to share the listing link with their friends means allowing them to promote the listings. This will bring extra traffic to the page and result in popularity of the listing.

Understand how this can help

Nick and Carrick are best friends. They’re looking for a restaurant to hang out. Nick is searching the internet to find a perfect restaurant. He finds a website which contains the listings for the most popular and the best restaurants in New Zealand. With this feature of the Directory theme, Nick can select a restaurant based on the listing details provided on the website and directly send Carrick the link of the restaurant’s listing to check out if he too likes it.

Besides, he can send other close choices too from which Carrick can select.