The maps in the Directory WordPress themes are highly responsive. They come with width that auto adjusts itself according to the width of screen it is displayed on. While it also allows to set map height manually.

You can determine the height of the map widget according to the requirement of the website. The height can be adjusted based on the other content present around it.

How to Set map height of the widgets?

To change the height of the map in certain widget area, navigate to the widget area and open the map widget, from here you can easily set height of map widget. To change the height of map, you can enter the numeric values for the height you want in pixels. Do not add px or pixels after it, only the number.


Suppose, we have a website that has a map in the sidebar. Due to the map height the sidebar becomes a little larger than the homepage main content. So, with Directory theme, we can easily go to the Homepage sidebar, and reduce the height of the map widget so that there is no misalignment in the length of the main content area and the sidebar content.