The google maps location widget is used to show the map within the website with a specified location. With the Directory WordPress theme you have the full control to adjust how a map looks on your front end of your website. The map width is auto-adjusting, and the height can be set. Also you can place the map widget almost anywhere in the webpage.

With the widget you can also set the zoom factor. Navigate to Appearance >> Widgets >> T – Google Map Locations and drag and drop the map to the widget area where you want to place it. Now open the widget and set the zoom factor along with the other settings.

Map Zoom factor

With this settings you can define how big of an area should the map display. The larger the number, the more zoomed in the map is. 12 or 13 is a good zoom level for focusing on a city. Zoom factor 13 will show a fully zoomed map while 1 will show a map with no zoom.


Suppose you are managing a website, you want to display a location and so you use the Google Map Location widget to display it. A single location is to be displayed so you can set the zoom factor to 13. This will show a zoomed version of map and some local area. This is a presentable way to show addresses on the website.