The Directory theme is designed to allow the admin to choose if he wants to make a local directory with the listings in only one city or a global directory with multiple cities. The Tevolution – Location Manager plugin is available to enable the multi-city functionality in the website. The map widgets available are in two forms. The single city map and the multicity map.

Single city maps

The single city map variants will be shown when the Directory website is running in the single city mode. This means that the Location Manager is not active. The maps widget available with such a website will be the single city maps. i.e Homepage Map – Single city, Category Page Map – Single city.

Multi city maps

The multicity map variants will be shown when the Location Manager add-on is active and the Directory theme is running in the multi-city mode. The maps will show multiple cities with the markers to denote the listings in the cities. The map widgets available will be Homepage Map – Multi city and Category Page Map – Multicity.