The Directory WordPress theme allows you to change the order in which the price packages appear to the users, on the front end. And this can be done just by just dragging and dropping.

Easily sort price packages – manage how they appear on front end

To change the order of the price packages go to the dashboard and navigate to Tevolution >> Monetization >> Price packages. Here all your price packages are displayed.


You can sort them right here and the changes will be reflected on the front end. Move the cursor to the price package text description of price package and the move cursor will appear. This will move the entire portion of the price package and you can replace it wherever you want.

The sequence matters

The sequence in which the price package appear to the users matter. People tend to pay attention to the content that is on the top more than the content that follows. Therefore, keep the price package with the best deal on the top of others so that it catches the eye of the visitors.


Lets suppose, that in a Directory website there are 4 price packages. A free one,  a recurring one, a category specific and a $100 package that has its own benefits for the users. If you place the free package on the top of others, your users will click on the free one without paying any attention to the others.

Now, The $100 package has convincing deals and is beneficial to both, you and your customers. Putting it first will fetch it the deserved attention and the user might be tempted to subscribe it. And you can do this just by navigating to dashboard and moving the price package to the top!