The detail page of the Directory WordPress theme organize the content to be displayed in the form of tabs. There are different tabs for the overview of listings, map, etc. The special offers that are added while creating a listings will too appear in a separate tab on the detail page.

Special offers

The special offers that will be displayed in the special offer tab comes from the special offer custom field. This field is available for the user to enter details into when submitting a listing from the front end. This field plays an important role in attracting the user attention to the listing. Therefore, the data entered into this field will then be shown in a separate tab in the detail page.

Advantages of a separate special offers tab

The special offers are a highlight of the listings. The offers will attract visitor’s attention to the listing. If the special offers are not highlighted or made readily available to the visitors they may leave the listing page unaware of the offers and benefits it has to offer. Therefore the special offers are displayed in a special tab in the listing detail page.

If there is no special offer for the listing, and the field is left blank when submitting the listing than the tab for the special offer won’t be shown at all on the listing detail page.


Consider a website that has listings for the businesses that sells particular products. The special offers tab plays a very important role here to promote listing and attract user attention. For the visitor – he won’t need to scroll up and down to find information about the current offers. For the listing owners – they will get a special place to display their offers, where the visitors can find them directly.