With the Directory WordPress website you can set styling for individual custom fileds. For this you can navigate to Tevolution >> Custom fields >> Select the post type >> and start editing the post type.

The class you enter here will be applied to the label of the custom field that you’re creating. This is just an easier way to format the custom field label to match the design of your website.

You can use this field to highlight the custom field or to manage the design sometimes, the CSS can be added

This option allows you to make the field stand out from the rest. The place where you can define/write the class is custom.css. For instance, to change the color of the label and to increase the font size we would add something like this

.mycustomclass {
color: red;
font-size: 20px;

Once the class is created enter the class name ( mycustomclass ) inside the CSS class field. Remember, you just need to add the class name and not the whole class.

In the above example, the end result would look like this