Installation of Tevolution will enable you to use the Tevolution shortcodes to embed special functions and create pages with them. The articles demonstrates how some most popular shortcodes can be used in a website.

How and where to insert Tevolution shortcodes?

The Tevolution shortcodes can be directly inserted into the pages with the help of a button. Refer the image to know how it works.

Tevolution shortcodes

Tevolution shortcodes for the Submit Pages

The submit pages are used to enable the user submission on the website. These pages are usually generated automatically by the theme or plugin you’re using alongside Tevolution. To manually create such a page simply paste the following shortcode.

[submit_form post_type=”]
post_type – enter the slug post type you want to use.

[submit_form post_type=’listing’]
[submit_form post_type=’event’]

Register, login and profile pages

With the shortcodes facility available with Tevolution, you can easily create and integrate the User account related pages anywhere.

Register page


Login page


Edit Profile page

Map pages

The map shortcodes are available to be used when you want to integrate map to your pages. They allow you to generate maps within regular pages.

Multi post type map / Full width map

[tevolution_listings_map post_type="" image="thumbnail" latitude="" longitude="" map_type="" zoom_level=""]

This map also has the ability to display over the whole page. To activate the full width mode change the page template to “Full Width Map”.

Single post type map

[map_page post_type="" image="thumbnail" latitude="" longitude="" map_type="ROADMAP" map_display="ROADMAP" zoom_level="13" height="500"]

The explanation of the fields in shortcodes:

post_type: Define the post type which the map should display (e.g. “event,listing”).
image: Define which image size should the map use.
latitude and longitude: Set the focus point for the map. You can generate those values on this site.
map_type: Available values are: ROADMAP, TERRAINMAP, SATELLITEMAP and STREETMAP.
zoom_level: define how big of an area should the map display. The larger the number, the more zoomed in the map is. 12 or 13 is a good zoom level for focusing on a city.

People page

Generate a people page that will list all the registered users of the website.

[tevolution_author_list role=”” users_per_page=””]

role – Define which users should be displayed on the page (authors, editors, subscribers, etc).
users_per_page – Define how many users to show on each page. Rest will be displayed on next page by a pagination link.