With Directory theme allows you to create unlimited categories to manage your content better. Create as many as categories as you want and add many as sub-categories to it. You can also add sub-categories to a sub-category. This way you can create a hierarchy of categories.
Categories lets you organize your content for yourself as well as visitors. Managed and categorized content will make it easy for you, as an admin to organize it. Your visitors will find it easy to navigate through your website.
There are various widgets that lets you display the listings based on the categories. This way, your visitors won’t have to bother with the categories they’re not interested in. They can directly jump to the category they want and therefore have very relevant results. This will enhance user experience.


Consider a Medical directory of a country. The Medical directory will contain lots of sub-categories. Beneath these categories also, there will be lots of sub-categories. For example: The main categories are Homeopathic, Allopathic, Ayurvedic. Beneath Homeopathic you will have the subcategories like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc.
• Homeopathic
Surgical hospitals
Charitable hospitals
Private hospitals
Government hospitals
Orthopaedic hospitals
Cancer hospitals
Children hospitals
Trauma Centres
Medical stores
Surgical homes
• Allopathic
• Ayurvedic