Once the users’ have submitted their listings they may realize that they now want to subscribe to a more expensive package. We allow such up-gradation. With Directory WordPress theme, you can allow your visitors to upgrade listings they have already submitted, to a more expensive subscription.

How to upgrade listings?

An option for upgrading a listing is available inside the user dashboard. Clicking on this button will allow the user to choose among the more expensive packages. He can choose the package he wants and pay for it. This will upgrade his listing and the benefits of the new package will be applied to it. The upgrade button will be available till the listing is active. Once it expires the “Upgrade” button will be replaced with a “Renew” button.

This feature of the theme can be considered as a monetizing factor for a website owner and a flexibility for the subscribers.


Suppose you have two packages

Silver package: Lets the users’ post 2 listings, at $20, in categories “events” and “concerts”. Valid for 30 days.

Gold package: Lets the users’ post 5 listings, at $35, in categories “events” and “concerts” and “news”. Valid for 45 days.

Your customer’s will always go for the trial first, by subscribing the cheaper package for the evaluation purpose. Suppose, a new customer subscribes for the silver package. But his experience with your site goes very well an now he is willing to invest more. He wants to upgrade his listing to a more expensive package. With the upgrade listings facility, you won’t have to miss this opportunity.

The user will be shown an “upgrade” button in his dashboard that will let him upgrade his listing to a more expensive package.

Your happy customers can easily upgrade to the package they like. They won’t have to wait for their current subscription period to get over before they start taking the benefits of a superior package.