The listing detail page of the Directory WordPress theme organizes the content with multiple tabs. These are the tab particular to maps, special offer and a video tab. As the name suggests, the video tab will contain any video that is uploaded with the listings

Separate video tab for the listing videos

In the Directory WordPress theme the video is not directly provided into the detail page but it is presented in a tabbed form. This makes it very easy for the visitors to directly navigate to the video. They won’t have to scroll down to check for the video. If the video isn’t there for the listing, the tab will not be shown. If it is there, a separate tab with video will appear. The user’s can directly click on the tab and start watching the video.


Consider a website with all the local businesses listed on it. There’s a listing for an amusement park on the website. The visitor will be presented with everything in an organized manner. He will first see the basic details of the park in the overview tab, the images the address,etc. After it he moves to the map tab to view the location of the park on map and get directions to reach it. After this, he comes to the video tab to view the video uploaded with the listing. However, if he wishes to view the video at first he can just click on the video tab instead of scrolling and searching the whole page.