The Directory WordPress theme allows you to completely customized home page, using the various widgets. The home page is fully widgetized. Almost everything you see on the home page comes from widget. . You can add new content , or remove content blocks.
This means that it is very easy to change the look of it by managing the widgets. To add new block of content, just place a widget on the desired widget area and configure it to display the content you want. To remove a content block, delete the widget from the relevant widget area. Widgets this way make the management of the content very easy.You can easily manage the content of the home page with the help of these widgets. The home page content is managed by the widgets placed in the following widget areas.

Homepage Banner: This area is on the top of any content that appears on the home page. It is basically there to enhance the look of the website. You can have this banner to display a fullwidth map with listings of the website on it using the T  Homepage map – multicity, or a slideshow of images related to your website using the T  Homepage banner.
Above homepage content: This is an full width content area. You can place here any widget that can perform well in full-width. A passage before the main home page content immediately after the banner.
Homepage main content: The main content area is divided into two parts. Home page main content and home page sidebar. The main content area is where you can place the “main content” of your website, linking to the detail page. For example, in the demo, main content area consists of the grid of listings with the name image and a little description.
Homepage sidebar: The homepage sidebar is the sidebar area that holds some sidebar widgets displaying general information or advertisements.
Below home page content: It’s a full width content area following the homepage content and followed by the footer. This is generally used to display testimonials, affiliates links, or any other widget that works with full width.
Inside homepage footer: If you want some extra text or widget content appear on the footer of the homepage and not other pages than you can place it here. The content here will be included in footer, but not on every page, just on the home page.


Customize your home page very easily. Try new widgets in the widget area. Don’t let your visitors get bored by providing them the same view every time. Change the appearance of your website very easily by managing the widgets.