Woo-commerce is a widely accepted, powerful and reliable e-commerce plugin. One of the most  beautiful features of directory is it’s compatibility and ability to accommodate the powerful e-commerce plugin.  This means that within seconds you can turn your directory site into an e-commerce store.

With its integration you can turn your Directory WordPress website lets you turn your simple directory website into a full-fledged e-shop within minutes. With its activation, all the sales and product related functionalities will be added and managed by the plugin. All you’ll need to do is to configure the woo-commerce modules according to your requirement and start adding products.

Easy product management

Woo-commerce provides with all the basic sales related options like product management, sales management, shipping and taxation, etc. managed by itself. You need to configure the modules once and they will start providing the functionality.

Turn your directory into an e-shop  with woo-commerce

Install the woo-commerce plugin and turn your normal directory website into a multipurpose online shop. All you’ll need to do then is to create your products and upload the necessary details. The rest is auto-managed by the plugin.

Payment gateways

Along with all these facilities, the Directory also lets you integrate a number of payment gateways to receive payment from the customers. The plugin along with the Directory theme makes setting up an online shop so easily that even a non-technical person can do it efficiently.

For Example

While managing an events Directory site, you wish to sell events tickets on the website. This can be made possible very easily. All you need to do is to install and activate the free woo-commerce plugin and create a product named “ticket” and start selling it right away. Or if you have a listing site and wish to sell the products related to the locations listed on your site, than just install the woo-commerce plugin and get started with selling the products.