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Since it’s been a while since we organized a survey we decided it’s time to see exactly what you guys think about various aspects of Templatic. The survey mostly consists out of multiple-choice questions so it shouldn’t take too long to complete. Most of you should be able to complete it in under 10 minutes.

The survey is powered by SurveyMonkey: survey closed

Rewards for 20 random survey participants

As a way to say “thank you” for helping us with the survey we’ll be reward 20 of you with a product of your choice. You can choose between 50+ themes and 20+ plugins (standard license). These random winners will be announced once the survey closes. The survey ends on April 15th, 2015.

Please don’t ask questions within the survey since the data will be analyzed only after the survey closes. Instead, just use the contact form.

Here’s the survey link again: survey closed

Update: The winners

Here’s a list of 20 winners, each of whom can choose a free Templatic product. We will contact each of these via email as well.

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Brian over at WP created an awesome WordPress-centric training course designed to teach the most important basics in as little time as possible. Here we come with wordpress course for those users who looking to create website in wordpress and not having IT degree. He’s been a Templatic member for quite some time so you’ll even get to use a Templatic theme during the training.

WP Applied WordPress Course

The WordPress course covers everything from the basics (what WordPress is) up to advertising and search engine optimization. Standard price for the course is $399, however if you act early you can get it for just $199. The offer expires on Monday, January 12th, 2015.

Click here to visit the WPApplied website and grab the €199 early bird offer.

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2014 has been an awesome year. And with BIG plans to make web building simple and awesome for you in year 2015. Christmas holidays has arrived and here’s the last deal of the year for you. wishes you merry christmas and happy holidays!

During the holidays (December 25, 2014 to January 2, 2015) you’ll be able to get 1 free product for every theme or plugin you purchase on This applies for new club membership too. When you purchase the club membership, you will be able to select any one of our directory add-on absolutely free with club membership.

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After events and properties the extensive Directory theme now allows you to cover yet another niche – classifieds. Using the Classifieds add-on you’ll be able to control classifieds in much the same way you control the built-in Listing post type. One of the best things about this add-on is the fact classifieds can work both standalone and alongside other post types allowing you to create either an all-inclusive directory or just a craigslist-type of site.

Classifieds Directory Filters

Instant (AJAX) filters

Instant filters can be easily enabled on category, search or even the “All Classified” page. They allow visitors to filter through content in real-time by tweaking several parameters. These include: Price, Price type, Classified status, Category (for search pages), Classified type and Location. The filters are enabled by the “Classified Filters” widget and work best inside the sidebar widget area.

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Black Friday and Thanksgiving mark the beginning of the 2014 holiday season and what better way to start it than a nice deal on themes and plugins!? During the next week you’ll be able to get 1 free product for every theme or plugin you purchase on
Offer ends on December 2nd, 2014.
Black Friday Sale Templatic

To browse available themes just open our Themes Gallery.

How to get the bonus product?

Just click on “Add to cart” for the product you want and open the cart. A special dropdown menu will appear inside the cart allowing you to specify which bonus product you want. You’re allowed to combine themes and plugins. In other words, if you’re checking out with Directory, feel free to choose any of the available add-ons as the bonus product. Keep in mind that the extra product can’t be more expensive than the primary.

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You read that right. After months of hard work, Directory theme version 2 is finally here. Instead of bloating the theme with lots of features, we focused on improving performance & usability of Directory theme. Lots of changes were made which makes things simpler and more organised. Let me introduce some of those changes…

Directory 2 is a free upgrade for all existing Directory owners and Club members.

A new submission process

directory theme better submission process with improved map handling and drag and drop images

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