Introducing SpotFinder, a Directory child theme built to utilize modern screen sizes; inspired by Airbnb

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Ever since the original GeoPlaces and then Directory theme was released, the industry has adapted the trend set by templatic for listings kind of themes. Map at the top, listings at the bottom. It was great back then in 2011 when wide, big screens were not adapted yet. Things has changed and now we rarely see those 17″ screens being used. Screen space on both the side goes wasted while you are presented the content at the center of your screen.

Today we are excited to break this trend and offer a perfect solution needed today for directory sites. Announcing 8th Directory child theme – SpotFinder. SpotFinder is continuing the trend of reimagining Directory with new and unique child themes. It’s inspired by the new Airbnb website and thus comes with some really big design changes when compared to the parent theme.


Two new payment gateways available: Dwolla and PayPal EC

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Over the last couple of months we’ve released a number of new add-ons for Directory, but it’s been a while since we announced new payment gateways. Dwolla and PayPal Express Checkout are the latest additions! After enabling these add-ons your visitors will be able to use them to pay for price packages. Of course, you will need a merchant account with each before getting started.

What is the best way to customize Directory?

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With more and more people customizing Directory I figured it was time to create a proper article which outlines the best way to tweak CSS and PHP in Directory. My initial plan was to release it as a blog post, but the size of the article got out of hand so it had to be moved over the Docs site.

Please click here to open the Directory customization article.

In short, the best way to customize Directory is to utilize either a child theme or a plugin. The article linked above focuses mostly on customizing with a plugin since a number of you are already using a child theme (City Guide, Locations, etc). By placing custom code inside a plugin we eliminate the danger of losing our modifications after updating the theme to the latest version.

Real Estate add-on released. Makes Directory theme even more powerful

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Last week we published a blog post which outlined plans to retire the newly released Real Estate Directory theme and instead provide a Directory add-on with the same functionality. Well, we didn’t want to keep you waiting for too long… the Real Estate add-on is now available!

Real Estate Add-on Plugin

Create an ideal real estate portal using this add-on which includes property listing, custom property search and filters, unique property submission form and much, much more.

View Live Demo or Purchase Real Estate add-on

RE Directory theme to be converted as Real Estate add-on

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Soon after Real Estate Directory theme was released in July some of the customers provided constructive feedback and mentioned the added confusion and complexity it would bring in for customers to maintain separate parent themes and at the same time, making Real Estate + Directory theme features on the same site harder to achieve.

We had a team discussion on this and agreed on what our customers said. So, after a lot of back-and-forth discussions we decided to pull the plug, take back the real estate directory theme and make it available as Directory add-on instead.


The main reason why RE Directory was released as a parent theme (instead of as a child) was to allow us to create child themes specific to that parent theme. Another important reason was easier setup. Installing just RE Directory is definitely faster compared to Directory + RE plugin + child theme.

But after customer feedback, we realize that the tradeoff isn’t worth it. We were committing to supporting a totally new parent theme, one that would make things harder for people going forward.

In the end we have decided to stick with our original plan for Directory, and stay focused on just one parent theme and make it possible to have extended modules like Real Estate to work on the same site, just like our events add-on.

Reviews Manager and Listing Badges add-ons released! Also, tips to enable infinite scrolling in Directory.

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The 1.1.8 Directory update we released on Tuesday contained a bit more than “just” RTL language compatibility. In that update we also provided compatibility with the Infinite Scroll plugin. The plugin is totally free and can be downloaded from the plugins directory. Along with infinite scrolling, we’re also releasing two new Directory add-ons!

Allow authors to moderate comments with the Reviews Manager add-on

Do you want to give your listing owners the ability to manage reviews on their own listings? Well, with the Reviews Manager now you can finally do that. Once a review is submitted on one of their listings, the listing owner will get an instant email notification. He/she can then either approve or delete the comment directly from the detail page of that listing. A link to this page will also be provided in the email.

Reviews Manager add-on

The best part about Reviews Manager is the fact it integrates with price packages. This allow you to use the front-end reviews management functionality as leverage for more expensive price packages. Those who want the feature will likely be prepared to pay extra for it. Another cool thing inside Reviews Manager is the new “Comment Settings” tab within the user dashboard page. Using that tab each owner can manage their own comment moderation settings.

Listing Statistics and Proximity Search add-ons released!

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After the free User Filters for MailPoet plugin published earlier today we are continuing with add-on releases. In this blog post we’ll be talking about the all-new Proximity Search and Listing Statistics plugins.

Provide statistics to listing owners

With the Listing Statistics add-on you’ll be able to provide statistics information inside the user dashboard to every listing author. The functionality is actually tied to price packages meaning you can charge extra for access to these statistics. The stats include:

  • Visits (to the listing) from the homepage
  • Visits from category pages
  • Number of times “Send Inquiry” form was used
  • Number of times “Sent to Friend” form was used
  • Number of times the listing was favorited
  • Overall number of visits to the listing

Send mass emails to members using a free extension for MailPoet Newsletters

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The WYSIWYG Submission add-on released a few days ago silently kicked off the “add-on release week”. To prove we mean business, expect to see 3 new add-ons released today! In this blog post we’ll be introducing the new User Filters for MailPoet newsletters addon and an update to the Ad Manager.

User Filters to send newsletters to your users via MailPoet newsletters addon

User Filters is a free addon that integrates with the popular MailPoet Newsletters plugin. It will introduce a number of different parameters while creating a new email in MailPoet. These parameters will make it possible to email a specific user base. These include:

  • All users
  • All users with an active price package
  • All users with an expired price package
  • Users with a specific price package (either active, expired or pending)
  • Users with a package within a specific date range (either active, expired or pending)
  • Users with a package within a specific city (either active, expired or pending)

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