How to upload and edit files on your server | FTP tutorial

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If you’re new to WordPress and website management in general you might be confused when someone says something like “Overwrite xxxx.php in your /library/functions folder and xxxx.css in your /skins folder“. What we mean by that is that you need to connect to your site using an FTP client, navigate to the mentioned folder and overwrite (more on how to do this later).
Sometimes we say things like “You need to make changes inside xxxx.php located in your theme root around line 100”. What we mean by that is that you need to connect to your site, navigate to that file, download it to your hard drive, edit it and upload it back. Sounds tricky – but it’s far from it.

To successfully connect to your server you’ll need 2 things:
1. FTP client
FTP client is a program you will use to connect to your server. We’ll be using FileZilla during this tutorial. You can download it here
2. FTP account
Most people get an FTP account from their hosting provider. In case you didn’t receive one or you forgot the information contact your hosting provider or create one yourself. In case you’re using cPanel follow this tutorial. If you’re using Plesk as a server management software following this tutorial

Connecting to your server
1. Open FileZilla

2. Enter your FTP account details in the boxes at the top left corner. In most cases you can leave “Port” empty

3. If you entered everything correctly the panel on the right should populate with some folders and files. The left panel is showing your hard-disk files

How to find my theme files?
In the right panel find a public_html folder (or htdocs on Windows servers). Open that folder. If you installed WordPress in the root folder of your site you should see three folders called wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes. All theme files are located in the wp-content folder; more specifically, the themes folder inside wp-content. A lot of times you’ll hear us say the term theme root. Theme root means you need to navigate to the first/parent folder of your theme. The path will be something like public_html/wp-content/themes/your_theme_name

How to install a theme?
Installing themes using FTP is really easy – drag-n-drop easy. Unpack* your theme on your hard drive and navigate to it in the left (hard drive) panel. In the right (server) panel navigate to wp-content/themes. Now just drag your theme folder from the left to the themes folder on the right. When the files finish uploading go to your site Dashboard -> Apparance -> Themes and activate your theme. Piece of cake, right :)

* – make sure you don’t extract the theme in a folder, use “Extract Here” so you don’t create a double folder problem.

For optimal viewing experience watch the video in Full Screen and HD quality

How to update a theme?
For detailed instructions on updating themes please read the following article. For video instructions on updating start watching the video tutorial above around the 4 minute mark.

How to overwrite a file?
To overwrite one of the theme files navigate to the folder where the file is located and just drag the file from your left (hard disk) panel to your right panel. When you do that you’ll be prompted to overwrite – click yes.

How to edit a file?
In case you want to edit one of the files navigate to it in your right (server) panel, right mouse click on the file and select View/Edit. When you do that the file will open in your default text editor. Edit the file in your text editor and when done hit Save. As soon as you hit Save a popup will appear in FileZilla asking you whether you want that file uploaded back to the server- be sure to click Yes.

How can I find line no. 100 if there are no line numbers in Notepad?
If you plan on doing any serious file editing you’ll need to say goodbye to Notepad. My personal preference is Notepad++. Notepad++ is very easy to use, it features line numbers and also code highlighting.

How to make FileZilla open files in Notepad++
In case FileZilla doesn’t ask you which editor you want to use to edit php, js and css files go to (in Filezila) Edit -> Settings… -> File editing -> Filetype associations and add Notepad++ as a default editor for your files. This is how that area looks in my FileZilla

If you followed this guide carefully you should now be able to (easily) navigate, edit and overwrite any file in your theme.

How to activate custom.css

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Every Templatic theme comes with a file called custom.css. That file enables you to fairly easy customize the look of your site. Instead of finding specific css files you can just input the class name and new properties in the custom.css file.

The first step is activation. The activation path differs from theme to theme so I’ll provide a few examples here.

Older Templatic themes like Consultant:
wp-admin -> Appearance -> Theme options area -> General Settings -> Customize Your Design

Templatic eCommerce themes like Emporium or WP Store:
wp-admin -> Shopping Cart -> Design Settings -> General Settings -> Customize Your Design

Newer Templatic themes like DailyDeal or Appointment; themes using Templatic framework
wp-admin -> Theme Settings -> Basic Settings -> Style and Color Settings* -> Use Custom Stylesheet

* If you don’t see this option under “Style&Color setting” check other sections under Basic Settings

After you activate custom.css you can add your new css classes under Appearance -> Editor -> custom.css (it will be listed under stylesheet files in the bottom right corner). If you prefer editing your files using FTP, you should be able to find custom.css in your theme root folder.

If you already have the correct code you can paste it in the file and hit “Update File”. If you don’t know the name of the class you have to edit you must use Firebug. If you’re new to Firebug be sure to read our Firebug tutorial -> //

For more information about custom.css you can watch the following video tutorial. Please watch the tutorial in full screen mode with HD turned on

Good luck and happy customizing!

Translating with Agent Ransack

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Every once in a while you’ll stumble upon a string that can’t be translated using the .po or language.php file. When that happens you’ll have to find some other way to translate the string – that’s where Agent Ransack jumps in.

Agent Ransack is basically a search program that enables you to search withing text files. What this means is that you can literally input the string you want to translate into Agent Ransack and he’ll give you the exact file and line number where that string is located. Agent Ransack only works on Windows machines, if you own a Mac try EasyFind, I believe you should get the same results

So, let’s get started!

1. Download the latest version of your theme from member area. Save the theme somewhere on your computer, you don’t have to upload it to the server.

2. Download, install and run Agent Ransack

3. When you first start the program you should see something that looks like this

To make it look less cluttered click on Expert User to disable expert user view. After that click on the options tab and under Contents click on Regular Expression. This is necessary for our search results to be accurate.

4. If you did the above steps correctly your Agent Ransack should now look like this

Please make sure that “Search subfolders” is selected

5. To start searching all we must do is populate the Containing text and Look in fields. In “Containing text” we must enter the string we are searching. In “Look in” we enter the path to our theme on the hard drive. You can also find it by clicking on the “Browse” button

6. As an example for this tutorial I’ll be using the “Appointment fees for this service is” string from our Appointment theme. Inside the theme the string looks like this:

7. To locate that string we must input “Appointment fees for this service is” inside the “Containing text” field and path to our Appointment theme inside the “Look in” field. Once you input everything it should look like this

To start searching just click on the Start button

8. If everything was correctly entered you should see something like this

Search found three files where that string is mentioned. en_US.po (the translation file) and ajax_appointment_time.php (and it’s backup file). Let’s imagine that we can’t translate this using the .po file, we much focus on the ajax_appointment_time.php file.

9. Clicking one of the files will show us all lines inside the file where this string is mentioned. In our case those lines are 111 and 114. To edit a file just click (twice) on the file with your left mouse button, or right-click and chose “Open”.

10. When the file opens just navigate to the mentioned lines and make your translation

Translating with Agent Ransack is extremely simple and most importantly – fast. Your searches will never last more than a few seconds. Certain strings can be harder to find and can make you run into circles. If you find such a string just create a new topic here in the forums and we’ll tell you exactly where you can translate it.

Happy translating! :)

Conquer the real estate market with Realtr WordPress theme

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Few weeks ago we teased a new real estate theme with a completely revamped design and functionality. That mythical theme is completed and ready for you to dive in. This new gem is called Realtr and it is THE best real estate WordPress theme out there.

Realtr WordPress Theme

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Members using our RealEstate theme will be delighted to hear that virtually every RealEstate feature has seen an improvement with Realtr. How does this translate to the real world? Read on…

Get rich using price packages

With the new price packages feature you now have complete control over the services you offer to visitors. Unlike in RealEstate where you could only setup two different price types now you’re not only given an option to create an unlimited number of price packages, but also the freedom to set them up how you want it. Category-specific price package? Recurring price package? All that is now possible!

Realtr Theme for WordPress

Custom fields at their finest

Creating custom fields before meant editing the code but that won’t be the case with Realtr! Realtr comes with an advanced custom fields management system that will enable anyone to create a new field within seconds. Custom fields in Realtr provide you with tools to create your own search! Every custom field you create can be included in the search widget on the homepage. You can see a glimpse of this in the video overview below.

Show all properties using Google Maps

Category listing pages have a nifty little switcher that when pressed changes the listing view. The best part here is that it contains a Map view so your visitors can easily see where are those properties located. Realtr also comes with an all-new page template for showing your properties on a Google Map. There is a special section in theme options for managing this map. You can choose whether to show all listings or set a fixed scaling factor (zoom), among other things.

Better content management

With Realtr we are continuing the trend of implementing custom taxonomies and post types when appropriate. In Realtr you’ll have a special post type for your blog post and properties. This will also enable you to create better custom menus since you can easily include property categories and even individual properties in your custom menu.

Property tags that make all the difference

In order to further differentiate one listing from another Realtr introduces property tags. These tags can be created in theme back-end and work in different ways. You can use the tags to mark the most popular listings or you can use them to highlight listings that you believe deserve the most attention. They are also a great tool to emphasize specific discounts or promotions.

Yes, it’s responsive

Realtr is our first responsive real estate theme and we’re extremely proud of it. You might be thinking, what about maps? Maps are responsive as well! Open the demo site on your tablet or mobile phone and see how the theme looks on other browser and devices.

Plethora of other features

  • Get unique information from your users with user profile fields
  • Customize all emails and messages that are sent or displayed by the theme
  • Set prices for each of your categories as well as category icons (for the Google Map)
  • Number of built-in payment gateways including PayPal, Google Checkout and 2CO
  • Track all purchases using transaction reports available from the theme back-end
  • Create promotions and various offers using the built-in coupon module
  • IDX/MLS integration
  • Already have a lot of content in csv format? Upload it using the Bulk Upload feature!
  • Enable Facebook connect with WP-FacebookConnect plugin
  • Specify how rent will be charged (day/month/year)

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Video Overview

Best ever theme for real estate is coming up

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Realtr has been released! Learn more about the theme in this blog post

theme for real estate

The title says it all. Two years back we released theme for Real Estate – one of the best real estate themes for WordPress. As part of our upgrade process of existing themes, Real Estate theme is getting a face lift this month. That means custom fields, custom post type for properties, custom user fields – the whole shabang!

But this post isn’t about Real Estate theme, oh no, we’re working on another real estate gem! Above is the teaser to what’s coming but the real beauty is in the back end. Plus, there are lots of new things which is not previewed here at all.

Watch out this blog for further announcement on this. For even more info about these two themes make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter. This is going to be interesting :)

Big updates for HotelBooking and all eCommerce themes

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After major updates for our GeoPlaces and DailyDeal themes we finally got around to update some other fan-favorites.

Around a month ago we released eMarket, a sleek eCommerce theme with some new functionality. That functionality is now coming to the rest of our eCommerce pack! Upgrading your current eCom framework will get you a wealth of great benefits like:

  • Flexible checkout with PayPal Pro that enables customers to checkout even if they don’t have a PayPal account
  • Better back-end content organization with Products as a new custom post type. Your posts and products are now completely separated!
  • Improved Guest Checkout makes checkout as quick and painless as ever!
  • New Transaction Reports section makes tracking your sales stats a breeze


To test these new features just create an account on

HotelBooking is an advanced Templatic theme that enables anyone to run a small hotel with ease. Today’s HotelBooking upgrade will make your day-to-day site management even easier!

Bulk Import/Export for rooms

This feature will make transferring content between two HotelBooking powered sites a breeze. It will also enable customers with a lot of (different) rooms to easily upload that content.

Custom taxonomy for rooms

Room taxonomy will open a whole new world of possibilities for your HotelBooking theme. It will also make creating rooms more easier since you’ll be using the same tools you would normally use to create your posts. Since posts and rooms are separate managing each will be super easy. With rooms no longer being tied strictly to your theme options area you’ll even have the option to add them directly to your custom menu.

Other awesome improvements

  • Improved seasonal prices
  • You can now book a room even on category listing pages
  • Room sorting/ordering is now possible because of the room custom taxonomy
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

To test out these new features head over to the test site. To purchase the theme click here

Excited about the upgrades? Tell us how you feel in the comment section below.

DailyDeal WordPress theme – improved

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Last August we released Daily Deal, a unique WordPress theme that enabled anyone to create a fully-functional deals site. After the release there was one feature that people requested the most – an affiliate module. Starting today that feature is finally available!

Existing DailyDeal users and club members can download the newest version of DailyDeal from the member area. If you’re interested in purchasing DailyDeal be sure to check out live demo and the product page.

Affiliate module included in DailyDeal is similar to the module already available in our eCommerce themes. The module enables you to extremely easily setup registration and tracking of your affiliates. Adding affiliate links and managing affiliate members is straightforward and intuitive. When users purchase a deal using one of the affiliate links a new order will be generated in the back-end. Admin can then approve or reject that order.

New DailyDeal comes with other improvements as well. Added Sold Out functionality automatically marks a deal as sold out when all available items have been purchased. This is what your sold out deals will look like.

Layout options have been revised and now give you the option to transform the look of your deal pages, as well as the submit deal page. You can now choose between a right or left sidebar. On top of that, a new sidebar area has been included – “Sidebar for post deal page”. As the name suggests, you can have a specific sidebar for your deal pages.

The update comes with several small tweaks and improvements. For instance, the profile page is now showing your gravatar image, profile image upload has been removed.

New DailyDeal is available for immediate download in our member area. Visit our test site and check out the theme back-end option. To purchase the theme click here

Are these the upgrades you wanted to see? Leave your comment in the comment section below.

TechNews – a theme for pro bloggers

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Few months back some of our business colleagues asked “do you have a theme that helps us create a site like TechCrunch, Mashable or other tech news site?”. At the time we had some magazine themes in our portfolio but none that helped them publish news while also helping them earn revenue strategically. That conversation led to a few additional conversations on what exactly is required to run such a site. Those were the first steps towards making TechNews.

TechNews, a magazine theme we’re releasing today helps you build a professional blog or news site quickly in WordPress. The best thing about it is it’s strategic structure and world-class design with awesome typography that will give your site a real professional look, like TechCrunch, Mashable and other tech news sites.

View TechNews : Live Demo | Official Sales Page

Right element at the right place, that’s the main benefit of this theme. Nope, it does not include any of those advanced modules but whatever you require in a tech blog, its there.

The homepage features a cool slider to highlight your top stories, right after that you can highlight some other stories followed by a super cool widget that lets you list your news posts in list/grid view that can ajax-fetch more posts continuously. The sidebar includes unique social media, popular widgets and other important custom widgets. Big footer with 100% contrast could be useful to showcase more of your important, universal elements across your website.

Another awesome thing about TechNews is it’s responsive design. It won’t matter whether your visitors are visiting the site on their desktop or mobile device – your site should look great regardless. To test the theme responsiveness just open the live demo and resize your browser window.

Check out the Live Demo of the theme and explore. Head over to official sales page once you are ready to buy.

This particular theme holds importance in its own way at Templatic office. We hope we got this right and that this theme will help you build a professional tech news site that brings you tons of traffic.

Video Overview

Sneak peak of the March theme – Tech News

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TechNews has been released! Learn more about the theme in this blog post

Tech News - magazine theme

With GeoPlaces V4 finally released the team is working on updates of some other themes. Meanwhile, we’ve prepared the theme of March – Tech News.

Though magazine themes might be considered a bit of outdated and overdone; looking at our portfolio, we clearly lack a theme that a tech blog can use. Tech News is a responsive theme targeted towards those high tech bloggers who need a world class design for their high traffic site. Watch this space for more details as well as our Facebook and Twitter channels.

GeoPlaces v4 – create an even better city guide with WordPress

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It’s been a while but the waiting is finally over; GeoPlaces v4 is now officially available! We realize it took longer then we originally planned but that extra time only made the theme better. Even though the front-end looks very similar to GeoPlaces v3 there are a number of new additions. To see what’s in store for you please visit the live demo. We implemented hundreds of major and minor tweaks into GPv4, it’s safe to say that pretty much every aspect of the old theme was improved upon. Enough chitchat, let’s go over some of the things you’ll see in GeoPlaces v4

GeoPlaces v4 is a completely free upgrade for all current GeoPlaces users!
Not a member? Click here to purchase the theme

Better monetization – make even more money

GeoPlaces v4 takes monetization on a whole new level with features like recurring payments and price packages. If you ran a successful directory with GeoPlaces v3, expect to significantly increase your revenue with the new version.

  • Recurring PayPal payments are finally available and will help you earn even more money
  • Price Packages that enable you to diversify your price options even further. Among other things, you can even set the price package to only apply to specific categories
  • Transaction reports with ability to export data into a .csv file
  • Ability to change for featured listings on homepage and category pages

Better listing and theme management

To make content management easier we implemented dozens of various changes. Creating listings for you and your visitors have never been easier

  • Custom post types for both Places and Events will enable you to keep better track of your content. WP posts are used for blog
  • Based on Google Maps v3 – no API key required
  • Completely recoded image upload (no flash)
  • Support for mega menu plugins like UberMenu + mega menu widget included with the theme
  • Much more theme options; change things like background color directly from theme Design Settings, added ability to change listing sort order and much, much more
  • Claim listing feature
  • More options when adding cities, more streamlined input
  • User profile fields – add new custom fields for user profiles

More security options

  • Restrict theme options for specific usergroups
  • Block suspicious IP addresses and stop them from spamming your site

Revised custom fields

  • Unlike “one for all” deal in GeoPlaces 3, now you can create fields for specific categories and for a specific post type (Place or Event)
  • Custom fields are easier to manage because of the revamped custom fields screen
  • “Add a custom field” offers a wealth of new possibilities like choosing the location of the field (front/back end), setting a different validation type and even the ability to apply a custom CSS class
  • For the first time you’re also able to search through the custom fields using the Advanced Search page template.

Other improvements

  • Ability to show the big map in category listings
  • Add and show category descriptions to explain what each category is about
  • Improved listing navigation with sub-categories below the parent category
  • Limit the image upload size
  • Full compatibility with WP-reCAPTCHA enables a bot-free user experience


With GeoPlaces v4 comes the ability to separately import places, events, blog posts and cities. If you’re using GeoPlaces 3 and wish to export your content into GeoPlaces v4, update your theme to the newest version (3.3.1) and use the improved Bulk Upload section to export your data. For more info on this please click here. For a complete tutorial on upgrading from GeoPlaces v3 to v4 click here.

To see the theme in all it’s glory visit the live demo. To test the theme go to
Click here to purchase the theme

Video Overview

For the best viewing experience please watch the video on YouTube in 720p or Full HD.

Thank you!

This post marks the ending for the longest public beta testing in Templatic history. During that time almost 500 topics were created and 2000 posts submitted that resulted in hundreds of various bug fixes and improvements. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding through the numerous delays. All of you made GeoPlaces v4 what it is today – most feature packed geolocation theme out there!

Did GeoPlaces v4 meet your hopes and expectations? Tell us what you think in the comments section bellow.

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