iPhone App theme is upgraded

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And now it’s time to announce upgrade of iPhone App theme. It has been on the market for a while, 3 years to be exact. When it was released after lots of brainstorming, it was first and best of it’s kind, later replicated by many others. Till now it helped many in selling their iPhone apps.

Over time, smart phone apps has evolved and this new version caters to latest demand of this market. The updated version (iPhone App 2) will offer even more flexibility when it comes to selling your apps.


What's new in iPhone App 2?

  • Mobile friendly (responsive) design that looks great in any device.
  • iPhone, Android and BlackBerry sliders. Which means you can showcase not only iPhone, but other mobile application as well.
  • Better coded and powered by our supreme framework. Which includes numerous other features such as page templates, mega menu, additional widgets and so on..
  • Full WordPress SEO and bbPress plugin compatibility
  • Widgetized homepage for easy content manipulation
  • WooCommerce compatibility for those that do not sell their apps on App/Play Store


iPhone App 2 comes with an extensive selection of shortcodes created using Twitter Bootstrap. Along with standard shortcodes such as alert boxes or icon lists you can also add tabs, galleries, tooltips, popovers and more. A full list of shortcodes is available on the iPhone App 2 demo site

Automatic Updates

Just as eBook v2 released a few days ago, this theme also supports automatic updates! With iPhone App 2 you won’t have to worry about updating the theme, notifications about new updates will come directly to your WordPress dashboard. What’s more, you’ll be able to perform the update right there inside the dashboard. Be careful though…updating will undo all your customization so be sure to back everything up first.

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Hope you’ll love this upgrade. Wishing you greatest success selling your mobile app :)

eBook theme is now mobile and e-commerce friendly

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eBook theme version 2 of templatic is WooCommerce and Mobile Ready

We have a lot of cool stuff planned for January 2013, fist among those is the release of eBook v2. For those unfamiliar with the original theme…eBook is a theme for book authors that featured a simple design and feature set which basically revolved around showcasing a single book. The theme itself had no e-commerce capabilities but you could provide a link to your book on Amazon.

Although the new version looks the same as the last one, that is where the similarities end. With the new version we wanted to provide the tools which will allow you to see the book(s) on the actual site (and Amazon if you wish). How will this be possible? WooCommerce!

Let’s take a look at some of the changes that will make your book-selling experience a whole lot easier

Cater to any audience

With eBook v2 you won’t have to worry about your mobile visitors, the theme will render great on both desktop and mobile devices. eBook v2 features a responsive design which will adapt to the visitors screen size.

Showcase and sell books

As hinted earlier, eBook v2 is completely WooCommerce compatible. For those unfamiliar with WooCommerce, it is a free WordPress plugin which you can use to sell pretty much anything. You’ll find more information about the plugin inside the eBook theme guide.

With WooCommerce you can link both the main Purchase button and the image to a product on your own site. PayPal is supported out of the box, while other gateways can be added as paid extras. Selling on Amazon is now just a perk, not the only option.

A flexible homepage

Even though they look the same, homepages in eBook and eBook v2 function in completely different ways. In eBook v2 the homepage is controlled entirely from the Appearance -> Widgets section meaning you can easily swap widgets between one another. With widgets you’ll even be able to display WooCommerce content like products or the cart.

[templatic_msg_box type=”info”]Quick note for existing eBook owners

eBook theme options have been moved from the wp-admin -> Appearance section to the WordPress customizer. The quickest way to access the customizer is to click on the big blue “Customize this site” button on the WordPress dashboard homepage


WordPress SEO and bbPress support

To help boost your site ranking eBook v2 has been made completely compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. The theme doesn’t come with any built-in SEO settings, it is completely dependent on this (awesome) plugin.

To help you start a community, the theme has also been made compatible with bbPress forum plugin. bbPress works within your WordPress install making it super-easy to manage and get started. If you’re looking to start a community around your book/website – this is the way to do it.


eBook v2 comes with an extensive selection of shortcodes created using Twitter Bootstrap. Along with standard shortcodes such as alert boxes or icon lists you can also add tabs, galleries, tooltips, popovers and more. A full list of shortcodes is available on the eBook v2 demo site

Automatic Updates

This feature has been at the top of our list for quite some time, but, it’s finally here! With eBook v2 you won’t have to worry about updating the theme, notifications about new updates will come directly to your WordPress dashboard. What’s more, you’ll be able to perform the update right there inside the dashboard. Be careful though…updating will undo all your customizations so be sure to back everything up first.

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Answer 5 questions and win templatic club membership

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We are planning strategy for year 2013 and really need to know exactly what you guys think of us and what are your expectations down the road. What better way to do that than with a survey?


Here’s your chance to become one of the three winners to Win Premium Theme Club Membership for a year while providing your genuine and honest feedback that will help us improve upon the whole Templatic experience and product line.

Winners will be announced on this page on 20th of this month. Make sure to provide a valid email address in the survey so we can contact you in case you’re the one that won one of three Club memberships! Here’s we go.

The survey has finished

We received a total of 650 submission with all kinds of ideas and suggestions. Thank you all once again!

The following three emails (winners) get 1 year of Templatic membership:

Year 2012 – an overview

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So 2013 has begun already and it’s time we look back to see and learn what we did in year 2012. For us, it was a year filled with new development, happy and sad moments, business lessons, few innovations. Overall, one of the good year.

Here’s an overview of all the (awesome) stuff that’s been going on in the past year

Theme launches and upgrades

We introduced several unique new themes: eMarket, Tech News, Realtr, Price Compare, Education Academy, Catalog, NightLife and Cool Cart.

Upgraded existing mighty themes such as GeoPlaces, Real Estate, Daily Deal, Job Board, Events, Vacation Rental and Hotel Booking.

Best of all, we introduced Tevolution plugin, our biggest release of the year and symbolize a big shift in handling theme releases. It took the most time for us to develop but it will make things lot easier for everyone going forward. You’ll get benefit of real power of revolution in year 2013.

Other development

What started as a feature is now a must have standard in web design world wide. All new templatic themes now includes mobile ready designs known as responsive technique.

Earlier in the year, we adapted Supreme – a theme framework that will make designing things easier. All our recent theme releases is built on this.

In order to clean up, several themes from templatic store were retired to make room for new development and innovation.

Shift to WooCommerce

In early October we made all our e-commerce themes WooCommerce compatible. As WooCommerce continued to grow we decided it would be cool to give our e-commerce members an option too choose the shopping-cart you want to use.

20 people strong

Any company that wishes to grow must expand the workforce. Templatic is no different, sometime in June we had about 18 people working in our offices in India with extra two telecommuting from USA and Europe.

The cake!

A Templatic member was so happy with the support we provided that she sent us a cake all the way to India at our office! Maybe a small gesture, but it was a very special moment of appreciation for all of us in the team. To this day the team is still arguing which was better – the surprise or the actual cake :)

Docs center

After a few weeks of hard work, the Docs site was finally opened to public. The docs site enables you view all support content on one place.

Taking this further, we are also working on a custom support solution to combine documentation, forums and help desk together which will make support easier, faster and more efficient. More news on this later.

Conferences & Events

WordCamp Mumbai was the fourth WC event in India. Just like in Jabalpur, we attended and spoke at the event.

Also we had the privilege to attend the PressNomics conference in Phoenix, Arizona and meet up with so many popular WP folks.


While you were on Christmas holidays, we moved over to FireHost for better security and stability. This means you will have better access to website and less downtimes :)

Finally, ended the year with Christmas sale. You still have until tomorrow to get benefit of Buy 1, Get 3 themes and club membership offer.

So that was year 2012. Looking back, I guess we matured as a business and took some bitter but right decisions. This not being the fastest but a good, awesome year for us.

We are turning 5 year old in year 2013 and hope to bring in awesome innovations and solutions that will make online presence quicker and easier for everyone this year.

Happy New Year!

Templatic Christmas Sale:
Buy 1, get 2 free!

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UPDATE: Due to site downtime, the offer is extended for more 2 days. This means the offer will end on 2nd January.

Those of you who’ve been with us for a few years know that they can expect some sweet deals come Christmas. Well, this year is no different! Similarly to last year, we will be offering cool deals for both single-theme and club purchases!

Single-theme purchase

Purchasing a single theme between today, Dec 24rd, 2012 and Dec 31st 2012 will net you not just the purchased theme, but also two extra themes of equal or smaller value. All our themes are displayed inside the Themes Gallery. As always, feel free to use the test site in order to determine which theme best suits your needs.

Premium Themes Club

Purchasing the Club membership between today, Dec 24rd, 2012 and Dec 31st 2012 will reward you with 6 months of free membership (instead of just one month). These extra months will be automatically applied to your account – no further action is necessary. Templatic Club is an awesome choice for all of you that plan on creating multiple sites with our themes. Click here to read more / purchase the Club membership

Past Christmas sales often didn’t reward those that missed the sale for a few days. This time is a little different… Every member that purchased a theme in the past week gets the two extra themes! Just as those that purchased a single-theme, all members that opted for the Club membership in the last week get the extra 6 months! Please note that this only applies to those that made the purchase between December 17h, 2012 and today. Read the instructions below to see how you can claim your themes.

How this works?

  • Grab any theme from our Themes Gallery or Club membership and complete the checkout process
  • If you purchased the Club membership after this post was published – you’re done, the extra months are already added. If you purchased it in the past week or you purchased a single theme please click on the claim button below.

[templatic_button link=”//″ size=”large” type=”basic”] Claim extra themes [/templatic_button]

We wish you all an awesome Christmas and a legenwait-for-itdary New Year! will be down for maintenance tomorrow

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Update: The move is complete and site should be accessible without any problems.

Even though the hack that happened last month was in no way, shape or form a nice experience, it did show us the need to improve the overall stability and security of the site. The time has come to do just that!

[Note]If you need to download a theme, document or any other piece of content please do it now, you won’t be able to do it during the downtime[/Note]

The big move will be happening tomorrow, December 20, 2012. During this time and all sub-sites like the forums, Helpdesk and Docs center will be nonoperational. By our calculations the sites will be unavailable for 24 hours.

During the maintenance period all news and updates will be published on our Facebook and Twitter.

Templatic themes are ready for WordPress 3.5

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WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” is the latest edition of the software we all know and love. By far the most significant change in 3.5 is the revamped media screen. Even though drag n’ drop was available before, in WordPress 3.5 almost everything is done with that technique. For instance, in 3.4 and earlier versions you had to insert numerical values in order to sort (post gallery) images. In 3.5 the experience is much sleeker and most importantly, faster.

Another change that most of you will notice right away is the revamped welcome screen. The dashboard homepage now features a big “Customize Your Site” button that opens the theme customizer (normally available from Appearance -> Themes). This is especially handy for those members with Nightlife, Education Academy, Catalog or CoolCart since those themes don’t have regular theme options areas – all options are located inside the customizer.

Here’s a list of themes that have been updated with WordPress 3.5 in mind:
ECommerce framework

As always, in case you notice anything wrong submit a topic inside our forums and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Good bye Timthumb

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Even though Templatic themes weren’t affected by the timthumb scare last year, a number of our members still felt that TimThumb was unnecessary and should be replaced with other solutions. After a lot of tweaking and code-changing we can finally announce that timthumb has been removed from all Templatic themes in favor of the built-in WordPress resizing function. Some themes (newest ones) were never released with timthumb while some already received an update that disables timthumb (GeoPlaces).

Here’s a list of themes from which timthumb has been removed today:


While we definitely welcome this new change for good of everyone, tim thumb was an awesome innovation when no other solution was available and it really contributed to a great deal in Premium Theme business. Thank you Ben Gillabanks for that awesome innovation, so right on time.

Updating instructions

  • Update the theme as you normally would or just replace the files mentioned in the change_log
  • After updating you will notice that your images are not coming up as thumbnails but as original images; this is normal so don’t worry
  • For images which are displayed using the post image gallery you can use a plugin called AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild to automatically rebuild thumbnails. If you’re unsure what “post image gallery” means open this article
  • Images that are not displayed using the post image gallery (their source is a custom field for instance) have to be re-uploaded

In other news…

With a lot of help from Amir and others from onTheGoSystems, GeoPlaces is now 100% WPML compatible. Even tough the theme worked with WPML from the start some areas were lacking. All those issues are now fixed! More importantly, future fixes will also come much faster since we now have much more experience with the plugin

For those unfamiliar with WPML, it is a very advanced premium WordPress plugin that allows you to fairly quickly set up a multilingual site. It is by far the best solution for anyone that wants to showcase a WordPress site in more than one language.

Click here to visit the WPML website

Now sell event tickets with Nightlife theme

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Nightlife theme has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. Instead, check out the Eventum theme.

After the initial Nightlife release, by far the most requested feature was the ability to not only showcase events, but also have the power to sell actual tickets. We thought about ways to accomplish this and in the end decided it would be best to mix it together with WooCommerce, an awesome (and free) plugin that’s already powering our e-commerce themes.


How to sell tickets with Nightlife Theme?

To keep things simple (and safe), admin is the only one who can create tickets on the site. Members that submit an event will have to contact you (the admin) who will then create the actual product (tickets). Just as in our DailyDeal theme, all the money first goes to the admin, it is admins job to forward that money to other members, this is done off-site. Admin connects events and products while editing the event in back-end, you will see an option in your top right corner. WooCommerce stock value is used to determine the number of available tickets. All of this is extremely easy to setup, for even more info just open the Nightlife theme guide.

[Note]This WooCommerce compatibility update is available for free to all Nightlife owners. To enable the functionality just download the latest version of Nightlife[/Note]

Better recurring events in Nightlife and Events v2

Along with WooCommerce compatibility this update comes with revamped recurring events. Every section of the theme that displays events comes with a switcher which allows you to toggle between regular and recurring events. In the image above you can see this switcher in action. This will give better navigation and usability to your site visitors.

We hope you’ll love these new updates. Happy money making!

Security update in our themes

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Some of you might have noticed that our main site ( was unavailable for a couple of hours these last few days. Unfortunately we were victims of two cyber attacks which altered our homepage. While it certainly didn’t look good, only the index file was affected, the database was never in jeopardy. Even if that was the case, your billing information will always be safe since transactions are processed by a third-party (2Checkout or PayPal).

Since some of our themes are based on similar code, we decided it would be best to update them up as well. Here’s a list of the themes that received an update:

  • GeoPlaces v4
  • eComFramework
  • Realtr
  • Events v2
  • JobBoard v3
  • RealEstate v2
  • DailyDeal
  • Classifieds
  • Tevolution (can be auto-updated)

To make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you, please update your theme to the latest version. The latest version will be available in the good ol’ place, member area:

In case you’re not familiar with updating please read the following article. If you’re running a customized site (and can’t update all files) just open the change_log (available in member area), the files you must change will be listed there.

We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you will not have to go through the same thing. Of course, if you’ll need any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

THIS WEEK ONLY: Get 25% discount on any of our products. Use "JS2500DG" coupon code when you checkout. Read More.
THIS WEEK ONLY: Get 25% discount on any of our products. Use "JS2500DG" coupon code when you checkout. Read More.