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If you you visited in the last week noticed that things have changed. Finally we have a brand new site! Even though site design is not revolutionarily different, it is much better than what we had earlier. This new site offers faster, universally same and better user experience than earlier.

Our main goal in this redesign was to adapt changes happened in recent years and offer a fresh user experience to you. Literally everything has changed and months of work has gone into this. We hope you like how it turned out. We’ll use this post to outline most of the changes and also explain the best way to utilize them.


The main site


Changes to the main site are mostly design related. Entire site now works by default for 1200px screens with bigger, easy to read typography. One of the first things you’ll notice is likely the header. On the old site the header contained three separate bars with links. Now, it’s just one menu with one mega item (More). Inside that dropdown item you’ll find all important links in one place.

Some new content is available. For instance, the About us and Testimonials pages has been redone. A blog archive index now exists if you wish to quickly find an old blog post. The Themes Gallery page now offers more ways to filter through themes. We’ve added a new category called “Tevolution-ready” which displays themes compatible with our advanced Tevolution plugin.

On top of that, dozens of tags were added, including tags for:


Community Forums


The system used for powering the forums is still phpBB, however it looks totally different now. Along with the radically different looks, the forum also provides a Live Search function. Live Search is available both site-wide (at the top) and as forum-specific. Big changes can also be found inside the post editor. Instead of a standard bbCode editor it’s been upgraded to a visual WYSIWYG editor similar to that available with WordPress. While posting you can now also rate the reply provided by our support staff!

A number of changes have been implemented that users can’t see but will make lives easier for our support team. We now have internal performance monitoring system, improved site backend, better helpdesk and forum tools that helps us review your purchases, threads and tickets so we can provide relevant help faster to you. We should mention that forums are still a work in progress. If you notice a problem please let us know.


Members area


With themes like Publisher that come powered by several different themes or plugins, we needed to come up with a better way to educate new users on which files to download and how to install the theme. The new member area displays a section for each theme. Along with all the necessary download links, the section also provides basic installation instructions. We hope this new approach will make these first steps easier.

Renewing or upgrading a license has been simplified greatly using the new “Renew” and “Upgrade” options. Instead of manually transferring money to our PayPal account, now you can simply click on a button and checkout using your preferred payment gateway. The system will do all the calculations and also renew/upgrade the account automatically.

Test site

The test site has been moved onto a new server is now significantly faster than the old one. On top of that, because of the new design it’s also more stable. On the new site you choose the test theme on the first step of the process. Once the site is activated and you successfully login, the test site will automatically load your selected theme and dummy data. This makes the whole process much faster and also more user friendly.

With time our plan is to populate the test site with some frequently asked questions so testers can get more information about the theme they are testing.


Customize site

The old customize site required members to post their customization jobs and wait for developers to contact them. Since developers were the ones required to make contact it meant that most people never received a reply. The new approach aims to fix just that. Templatic members can now contact developers directly and inquire about the customization job.

Team effort


Redoing such massive site which integrates different software was no easy task. Especially when we have live data going onto the site. Thanks to dedicated team members at templatic, we’ve been able to pull this off. They really deserve credit on this one.

Other quick updates…

  • We are now posting on Google+ and Pinterest and we hope to have you as our friends there as well.
  • Even though the site is coded responsive, it has not been tested yet.
  • Forums will continue to see some new updates in next two weeks.
  • A complete overhaul of our documentation site is coming up.
  • Site footer has a tiny fun rocket which will take you to the top :)

So what do you think? Like/dislike what you see? Please comment and let us know.

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Even though Hotel Booking is by no means a bad-looking theme, we decided to provide another design to our members. 5 Star theme is the fruit of that labor. Just like HotelBooking, it’s powered by Tevolution and a Booking add-on. This approach allows us to provide the same features across a number of themes. Updating is especially a breeze for both you guys and us.

With 5 Star you can… 

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As I type this, a well organized brute-force attack is underway and WordPress sites are the target. The reason for the attack is unknown, but it has happened before (never on this scale though). With that said, it’s fairly easy to protect the site from the attack. Attackers are trying to login to wp-admin using the “admin” username and a set of most used passwords.

To stay secure please follow these tips:

  • If possible remove the “admin” user from the site, create a new user with the administrator role
  • Set a strong password for the (new) admin user, i.e. at least 8 characters with small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Use LastPass if you need help remembering these long passwords
  • Install a plugin for an extra layer of security. The plugin can limit login attempts, rename wp-admin and more

For more info on the attack open this The Next Web post.

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Our Tevolution-fellowship continues to grow… Vacation Rental version 2 is the fifth theme powered by the plugin. It is similar in many ways to our recently released Hotel Booking theme. Both themes are powered by Booking System, a Tevolution add-on in charge for handling bookings. Vacation Rental comes with a simple, but customizable design which will work for many vacation house owners.


As the title would suggest, ability to manage multiple houses is by far the biggest change made in Vacation Rental 2. In the older version you were limited to just one availability calendar and a simple booking form. Version 2 is much more flexible with it’s variable booking form and a unique availability calendar for each created house. 

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Similarly to Nightlife 1.1 version released a while back, Events v2 theme has also been updated with new and improved recurring events. These new events will make the theme streamlined (no more regular / recurring tabs) and easier to manage; for both you and your visitors. “Recurring events” as such no longer exist inside our event directory themes. They have been replaced with a recurring system which allows you to quickly and easily generate a regular event for each occurrence. This has awesome benefits such as the ability to edit a specific occurrences. Our developers also used this update as an opportunity to add a requested option inside Events v2 – the ability to set the default tab on homepage and category pages.

e-commerce theme

All Templatic e-commerce themes have also received an update. The update focused on some design issues that emerged after the WooCommerce 2.0 upgrade. The update covers both eCom Framework and supreme powered e-commerce themes.

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Has it been 5 years already? It is as if we got started just a while back. Started as with 25 blog themes, we launched our website on March 15, 2008 (Templatic brand was established two years after). Never did we thought to reach at the heights we are today – all thanks to you our customer, our employees and WordPress community.

Started with the mission to help people get online presence quickly, easy and affordably, Templatic products now help tens of thousands of people build professional websites and also helping them make money in the process; something we’re most proud of.

As Templatic founder and CEO, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. I am nothing but grateful today towards everyone who helped us in anyway at all.


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Automotive is a vehicle directory theme powered by our Tevolution plugin. One might call Automotive a spiritual successor to the Automobile theme released back in 2010. Since Automobile v2 won’t be coming after all, we’ll be allowing existing Automobile owners to upgrade their license to Automotive. Those owners will be happy to hear that features such as advanced search and a front-end submission form are finally available.

automotive homepage

One of the requests we received quite often for Automobile theme was to include functionality that will allow people to manage both cars and vehicles such as motorcycles. Well, with Tevolution and it’s create a new post type functionality this is finally available. After a post type is created the plugin will even generate unique sidebar areas so you can provide content unique to that post type.

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Publisher is an advanced CMS / e-commerce theme for selling books and other digital products. With v2 we wanted to give even more tools to the admin while making the experience more accessible for visitors. Newly implemented responsive design should ensure that each visitor gets the same experience; no matter which device they use to access the site.


The core functionality (selling digital products) has been revamped from scratch. Publisher v2 is powered by our Tevolution plugin and a custom Tevolution add-on called Digital Downloads. In order to make the upgrade process easier we avoided making too many changes to the product structure. Most of your product information will transfer over to the new system. As usual, you’ll find detailed updating instructions inside the theme guide.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Nightlife has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. Instead, check out the Eventum theme.

Few weeks ago we announced an important update to our Nightlife members. With the update we wanted to revamp recurring events (again) because it felt like they still aren’t on the level the theme deserved. Well, the update is finally ready and here are some of the changes that were implemented…

Recurring events are of course the biggest change. In Nightlife v1.1 recurring events won’t actually exist in the front-end; you will just use the recurring events functionality to generate a regular event for each instance of the recurring event. Say you want an event that occurs on every Friday in March (2013) and lasts one day. Once the main (recurring) event is created 5 additional (regular) events will be created as well. The first one will start on March 1st, the second on March 8th and so on. If you change something inside that main event, new instances of the event will be created (and old ones deleted).

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View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

HotelBooking version 2 has been available as a beta in our forums for a while, but, the time has finally come to officially announce it! Design wise, HotelBooking 2 is very similar to its predecessor, however, things are substantially different under the hood. Unlike the original HotelBooking theme in which the booking module was hardcoded, HotelBooking 2 is powered by our Tevolution plugin plus a booking add-on. This change is allowing us to standardize the booking functionality across multiple themes. The same system will power Vacation Rental 2; scheduled to release in a week or two.

Read this post and see what’s new in HotelBooking 2, if you’re more of a video type watch the overview instead.

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