Creating a Directory website and updating it with information may take lot of time. Specially when you want your site to have lots of listings, the task of creating a listing and adding the listing information in the submission form manually can be very tiring and time-consuming. Therefore, with directory you can have an add-on called the Bulk import/export. With this add-on, you can populate the site with a lot of content in a short time.

Bulk import export for backup

On the contrary if you have lots of useful data on your site, then this add-on also enables you to export the listing data. The exported data will be saved in a .csv file. Alternately, this feature can also be used as a backup function to take the backup of the listings.

Bulk import export for data transfer

The bulk import export will also help you when you want to move your website’s data from one domain to the another.

Importing a post using Bulk/Import Export Plugin with

default Sample CSV


Importing a post if you are unable to use the

default Sample CSV if you have additional custom fields on your site

With this plugin integration, you won’t require to add the listing data one by one. The facility will allow you to make a CSV files with the required fields and then add all the data of the listing one by one in it. You can add the data of many listings in the CSV file and then upload it.

Fields for the listing data in CSV files

Click here to access the tutorial for bulk import export CSV fields.


Consider a scenario where Mr. Abc, who wants to be secure and certain about everything. He wants to have a back-up of the listings that he has on his website in his pen-drive. With the bulk import export feature of the website he can easily have all the listing data of his website safe with him in a single file.

Important Notice : When you bulk export your listing data into CSV files, please avoid opening it with Ms Excel.  Also read this article if you have special characters in CSV files.