Recently we’ve been drowning in various queries about this topic, many users would like to know how can they add new states and countries without adding manually from Manage Locations section in backend.

Well, the system is automatically inserting the countries and states to the site after activating the “Tevolution-LocationManager” plugin. However, lately some people are asking us How to add bunch of states and countries in the Directory without inserting them manually one by one as we have given only way to bulk upload cities in Directory.

Here in this tutorial we will mainly focus on the topic of “Bulk upload countries and states in Directory


Fortunately, it’s a fairly straightforward process, and I’ve boiled it down into some simple steps as follows for your reference.


  1. Open the zones.csv file located at “WP-content/ plugins/ Tevolution-LocationManager/ functions/ csv/” folder(If you do not know how to open a file then here is the detailed guide for your reference)
  2. Add your zones (In the ID field, increase one more value than previously added zone Id & in the country_id field, insert the ID of your country).
  3. Save the CSV file.
  4. Go to WP-admin >> Plugins section and deactivate the “Tevolution-LocationManager” plugin.
  5. Then open your site’s database and find the table named “wp_zones
  6. Just drop this table(Here is a guide on how you can drop the table)
  7. Now, login to your site’s admin panel and go to WP-admin >> Plugins section again and re-activate the “Tevolution-LocationManager” plugin.
  8. Then check the entries at your WP-admin –> Tevolution > Manage Locations > States.
  9. You can do same for importing the countries. There are “country.csv” file and “wp_countries” table for the countries accordingly.
If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask questions here.