As a website owner, you will be wanting to show all the show you listings and get access to the site all around the world.We at Templatic provide you with the functionality of the Location Manager Plugin that you can use to show all your Listings and Submit them all over to you from around the world.

Many users have a question as there are millions of cities how can we import them on our site?

The answer is simple you can use the Bulk Import Plugin provided by us and import the cities on your site.

Now another question comes to your mind as for where can we find these cities do we have to make theme manually and all the cities so that we could import them through Bulk Import Plugin.

NO WORRIES ! You can just find our City Repository where our users have provided a ready made CSV for the cities as you can download them as FREE ! 🙂

Points To remember

  1. Make sure that you check the CSV and then upload them to your site as the CSV that you download are provided by our clients and we could not guarantee if there is some issue while importing the CSV.
  2. Check the city_slug as you have to check that there is no numbers added after the city name (e.g. new-york_12356)
  3. If there is a number on that city_slug you have to remove the numbers from each and every city and remove the numbers as it will affect on the URL of the site (e.g. )
  4. Also make sure that there are no identical city names stored on your database as the above point and issue will be created on the site URL and also multiple cities will be created on your site.
  5. You can correct it directly from phpMyAdmin (Database) You can find the relevant table which is called as wp_multicity.

Please see the video screencast at Video

Now, this was the issue’s with the single country CSV what happens when you import multiple countries CSVs.

Multiple Cities CSVs Upload

There are users who want to show the site and submit the listings Globally so they will need multiple country selections correct?

So you will import multiple countries but the cities that you have imported are not available on the backend of the site Tevolution >> Manage Locations >> Cities.

The issue that you all are facing is that I have mentioned earlier that please check the CSV of the cities here you will find a field named city_id if this field values are same in the other Cities CSV then they will overwrite the existing cities and add new cities.

For example: If you import the US cities and the city_ids start from 1 to 100 and you import the UK cities it’s city_ids start from 50 to 100 then the existing cities that are available in the US 50 to 100 will be overwritten to the UK cities.So what you have to do is that you have to manually edit all the city_ids for the UK and enter the values starting from 101 to 200. You have to follow the same step if you import the third city CSV on your site.