The Directory WordPress theme is basically a listing based theme. It’s main purpose is to display listings based on its location. Even though it offers many other features, The most important one is listings. Directory theme allows the listing to be created from the front end as well as back end.

Create listings from the back end

You, as an admin can create listing and publish them on your website from the back end and publish it directly on the website. To create a listing, login to your Dashboard >> Listings >> Add Listing.

This will lead you to a listing submission form where you can fill up the listing details and publish it. The following details are to be provided while creating a listing:

Listing title : The name of the listing.

Description : You can write here the description regarding the listing. Enter plain text or use the editor for formatted text and links.

Address : This is the address of the listing, the map will adjust itself and a marker will be shown on the location.

Select the map type: Select the map type you want to display on the listing.

Logo : Upload the business logo.

Time : Timings for the availability of the listing.

Contact information : Here can enter your contact details as the listing owner, Phone, E-mail, Website, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Other Information

Video : Upload a video related to your listing.

Special Offers : Here, you can mention special offers related to your listing in the form of text description.

Price Packages : Select a price package from this section so as to be able to submit the listing.

Listing Categories

The listings can be organized by adding them to certain categories. You can create categories for your listings. While creating a listing you can specify the categories to which the listing belongs.

To create a listing category, navigate to Dashboard >> Listings >> Listing Categories. From here you can add the categories and start using it for the listings.

Create listings from the front end

Click here to know how to create a front end submission form. The front end submission form will allow your visitors to post listing on your website. This can be free or paid submission. The users will have to register and then submit their listing on the website.


Suppose, you start a new website. To get started with, you will need to add a few listings to the website. you use the back-end form to add the listings. These listing will work as a base for the users to understand what they can display as a listing on our website. The listings you post will serve as an example to encourage the businesses to have themselves listed on our website.